Personal Best

Tonight was the first time I have been on a real ralk in months. (For those of you who are new to Love Weights: walk + run = ralk. It sounds cooler.)

I drove home from Dallas today (random bad weather make-up day off from school), plopped down on the couch, and turned on old episodes of The Office on Netflix. Walter texted me that he was going for a run, and then I felt guilty and mopey and all those other I’m-a-blog-of-do-nothing feelings. (That’s why I keep him around.) Instead of getting of the couch, I sat at my computer, making a workout playlist. (If only that burned as many calories as ACTUAL ralking did.) When I finally decided to get my ass off the couch and use that rockin’ (ralkin’?) playlist that I so deftly created, I found that it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. Austin decided to give us one more night of breezy, gorgeous weather right before sunset.

I turned on my new Spotify playlist, and I was amazed at how much it motivated me. Usually, I put on a Radiohead or Muse album, or I let Pandora do the work. Inevitably, that leads to me being annoyed with slow songs or songs I don’t like as much as others, or songs I’ve never heard, or songs I just DON’T WANT TO HEAR RIGHT NOW, PANDORA. HOW DARE YOU.

This new playlist allowed me to not ever worry that I wasn’t going to be completely happy with a song choice. I jammed out the whole way. I know it might not be everyone’s preference, but here it is – I’m proud of it:

(Use at your own risk. I like to be cursed at while I ralk. Weight loss uncensored, bitches.)

I put it on shuffle play, and smiled. For my entire ralk, I smiled. Even when I was gasping for air and I felt like someone was punch me in the side, I was jamming out to my music. The weather was ridiculous and the sunset was magical.


I went a total of 2.5 miles in 38 minutes. Have I gone farther in previous ralks? Of course. With faster miles? Duh.

But tonight, I felt amazing. I felt joyous that I live in such an amazing place, thankful that I have lungs that gasp and legs that ache, and proud of myself for getting off the couch and taking care of my body.

By my standards – that’s a personal best.


Down 2.0 Pounds

I’m sorry things have been short and sweet around here lately (due to school starting tomorrow), so here is some great news!

Weight loss this week: 2.0 pounds
Current weight: 200.6 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 35.2 pounds

We’re back.  Close to being under 200 pounds, 35 pounds lost, etc.  Let’s not screw it up this time, Liz.  Walter went to the grocery store today and bought incredibly yummy and healthy food, and we just went for a ralk.  I ran almost a full mile in one fell swoop.  BAM.

A few thoughts for this week:
•  I am very seriously contemplating signing up for a half marathon in February (aww hell that’s WAY scarier when I see it in writing).  Thoughts?
•  Chili’s is the devil.  Story to follow when I have more time.  (The restaurant.  Not the kind of soup/stew or whatever the hell chili is.)
•  School starts tomorrow.  I will bring my lunch every day.  Being that I only get 30 minutes for lunch, I will so rarely be tempted to eat out.  A blessing in disguise.

Since I’ve started working a lot earlier in the morning than I used to, the sunrises have been plentiful.  Here are a few gems:

Makes that 45-minute drive almost worth it.  Almost.  :)

And we’re off to a new week.  For those of you who don’t know, tomorrow is my first day of school as a middle school band director.  Wish me luck!  And weight loss!