Oh, hey guys. Remember me?


It’s been awhile, blah blah blah. Guess what? LIFE HAPPENS. Leave me alone. And stay offa my lawn!

Now that I’m done being crotchety, here’s what’s up: I moved to a new apartment last week, I’m in my second year of teaching, Walter lives in Dallas, that sucks, some days I’m kind of healthy, some days I’m not, mostly not healthy lately, and I feel like bleh. And more bleh. (WordPress kept autocorrecting that to “bleu”. I guess it’s fitting.)

Here’s what I did tonight: I went to the grocery store. WOW LIZ, people do that every day, shut up, you’re not that big of a deal. Oh yes I am, unknown italicized nay-sayer. Because I truly don’t remember the last time I went to the grocery store and actually purchased food with the intention of eating it sometime other than RIGHT THAT SECOND. Yep.

On the grocery store note – the HEB close to me is the. shit. Seriously. It’s an HEB Plus, which already makes it about 18 times more badass. (Just like Super Target. I’m sorry, what’s that? You made one of my favorite places in the world, “SUPER”? I’m effing THERE!) The aisles in this place are, like, the size of a street lane. That already helps one of my biggest annoyances with grocery stores: other freaking people. At this place they are just pushing their carts down the other side of the street. NBD.

So I bought food. And let’s be honest – not even THAT much. When you see these photos, you’re going to be like, “Good job, Liz. You improved your food situation by about 18%.” But guess what. 18% is better than nothing, bitches.

Fridge before:**


Fridge after:


“Woo hoo!” shouted no one. Oh well – it’s better than it was before. Now I have the following: grapes, apples, pears, bananas, carrots, lettuce wraps, bell pepper, turkey, cheese, yogurt, milk, frozen meals, ice cream bars, breakfast sandwiches, popcorn, and a salmon thing for dinner some night this week. (All the veggies and fruit are in that bottom drawer. It fogged up because I had the door open for so long. Save the earth!)

I guess I’m back. But don’t hold your breath. Here’s to…..being slightly better than I was yesterday.

**A note: do you see what my fridge looked like, post-move? Like, that’s friggin absurd. Gin, beer, tonic, leftover pizza, and an empty Brita pitcher. Livin’ the high life, my friends.