Alright, Bitches

I’ve talked to too many people lately who say they “used” to love my blog. I’ve looked at too many pictures lately where I thought, “Damn, I used to look a lot better than I do right now.” I’ve felt too shitty after too many meals lately. Alright, bitches – let’s do this.

Right now, I’m at home in Nebraska with WRG. It’s the first real Christmas we’ve spent together, and it’s awesome. I love being home with my parents and seeing old friends and catching up about everything and everyone.

Speaking of old friends, my bestest friend Jessie is getting married in June and I AM A BRIDESMAID!!!! Really freaking pumped about that, because we always used to talk about how we would be in each other’s weddings and aren’t we pretty and dresses and flowers and JOY.

So I bought a bridesmaid’s dress in this beautiful mint color that is going to be gorgeous for her amazingly ridiculously beautiful wedding.

It’s a size 14.

**pause for effect**

That may not seem like a big deal to you, but I am living in a tight 16 and loose 18 sized world right about now. (14 may not seem that far off, but my boobs would tell you otherwise.) I bought this dress, I can’t return it, and I’m going to fit into it by June 6, 2015, damnit. I don’t care what anyone has to say about it.

What have I been doing since I last posted, you might ask? Well, I haven’t TOTALLY sucked at everything. I weighed in at WW in July before we went to Alaska, and I was 222.6 pounds. It was a long year of school and I was bleh. Then, my parents and I went to Alaska, I started my third year of teaching, had a crazy first semester, joined Lifetime Fitness, and have trying to be slightly more on track. When I weighed in again on October 11th (doing REALLY well with consistency here, Liz) I was at 213.2 pounds. So, not totally sucking, right? I think I’m probably a little above that right now, but I’m too scared to check. (Curse you, Holidays…)

The best decision I’ve made since my last attempt to be a blogger was joining Lifetime Fitness and take a ridiculously awesome class called Team Fitness. My trainer, Leah, is one of the coolest humans on the planet and a TOTAL fitness badass. Like, she wins competitions and shit. She’s also a musician, and I pretty much couldn’t ask for someone more awesome to make me feel terrible about myself. In the best way possible. Because she makes me do things I NEVER thought were a possibility. (Like one time I did 100 push ups. In an hour period of time. WTF.) She’s a rock star, and I promise I’m not just saying that because she’s probably going to read this. :)

I’ve realized, through this process, that the only way I’m going to ever really work hard in a workout is with a team. I need someone to push me to be less terrible at things like push ups. And pull ups. (I did them! Kind of. Assisted pull ups. That counts, right?) And hollow rocks. (THAT’S A THING. THEY’RE AWESOMELY TERRIBLE.) And running for more than 30 seconds without feeling like I’m going to die.

So that’s good. Now we just have to get the whole healthy food consuming thing in check. I can’t say I’m doing particularly well with that, being that since I started this post yesterday, we went out for Indian food, had breakfast at a diner this morning, and drank all of the I’m-on-vacation-no-one-can-stop-me alcohol. But hey. I’m on vacation, y’all.

This blog post serves to remind me that I need some serious accountability in order to get back on track. No more hiding in the shadows while shoving honey butter chicken biscuits in my face.

I can do this. And you all are going to help me.



Me and WRG on Christmas!



Drip, Drip, Drop Little April…Goals

(You probably have that song from Bambi in your head now. You’re welcome.)

Things That Would Be Super Magical And Wonderful If They Happened In APRIL:

  • Ralk 20 miles
  • Get 60,000 steps each week
  • Lose 5 pounds

I’m fully aware that the last one isn’t exactly quantifiable, but I was telling WRG tonight I just feel weak lately. Back when I was losing weight the first awesome time, I got to a point where I was doing Nike Training Club a few times a week. (At first I typed “all the time”. Hahaha – false.) Now, I’m Flabby McFlabsalot and it’s just freaking annoying. I tried running part of my 2 miles tonight, and it was bordering on hilarious. Things were flying everywhere. I’m sorry to all of the cars driving by in Steiner Ranch who got a glimpse of that awesome.

These goals are meant to be realistic and achievable. Notice I did not mention clothing sizes – I refused to buy a size bigger anyway, so all my pants are too small. (Seriously – the idea of going up that ONE pant size makes me irrationally angry and eye-gougy. Like, I want to gouge out people’s eyes. It’s violent, but true.)

So we’ll see how this goes. I promise to keep you posted on my progress!

Personal Best

Tonight was the first time I have been on a real ralk in months. (For those of you who are new to Love Weights: walk + run = ralk. It sounds cooler.)

I drove home from Dallas today (random bad weather make-up day off from school), plopped down on the couch, and turned on old episodes of The Office on Netflix. Walter texted me that he was going for a run, and then I felt guilty and mopey and all those other I’m-a-blog-of-do-nothing feelings. (That’s why I keep him around.) Instead of getting of the couch, I sat at my computer, making a workout playlist. (If only that burned as many calories as ACTUAL ralking did.) When I finally decided to get my ass off the couch and use that rockin’ (ralkin’?) playlist that I so deftly created, I found that it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. Austin decided to give us one more night of breezy, gorgeous weather right before sunset.

I turned on my new Spotify playlist, and I was amazed at how much it motivated me. Usually, I put on a Radiohead or Muse album, or I let Pandora do the work. Inevitably, that leads to me being annoyed with slow songs or songs I don’t like as much as others, or songs I’ve never heard, or songs I just DON’T WANT TO HEAR RIGHT NOW, PANDORA. HOW DARE YOU.

This new playlist allowed me to not ever worry that I wasn’t going to be completely happy with a song choice. I jammed out the whole way. I know it might not be everyone’s preference, but here it is – I’m proud of it:

(Use at your own risk. I like to be cursed at while I ralk. Weight loss uncensored, bitches.)

I put it on shuffle play, and smiled. For my entire ralk, I smiled. Even when I was gasping for air and I felt like someone was punch me in the side, I was jamming out to my music. The weather was ridiculous and the sunset was magical.


I went a total of 2.5 miles in 38 minutes. Have I gone farther in previous ralks? Of course. With faster miles? Duh.

But tonight, I felt amazing. I felt joyous that I live in such an amazing place, thankful that I have lungs that gasp and legs that ache, and proud of myself for getting off the couch and taking care of my body.

By my standards – that’s a personal best.


I owe this blog, like, the most epic post in the history of posts – with pictures and videos and statistical graphs and glitter cannons and everything awesome and interesting. Naturally, that means I’m just going to babble and babble some more and maybe throw in a photo here and there.  Even WordPress was mad when I went to their website to write this post – it was all “You have to sign in because you haven’t been here in forever.  Oh, and we got new fonts.  SUCK IT.”

WordPress is so rude.

Oh, and remember when I said this whole not blogging thing wasn’t a trend?  Yeah, apparently I suck a little bit lately.

Let’s start off with this – the last three weeks have gone as follows:

September 29, 2012
Weight gain that week: 1.8 pounds

October 6, 2012
Weight that week: MAINTAINED!

Weight loss this week: 0.8 pounds
Current weight: 198.0 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 37.8 pounds

(If you’re as confused as I am, just check out the Weight Tracking page.)

I’m kind of waffling around (haha, waffling, get it?  Because this is a weight loss blog?  I’m so funny…) with this whole losing weight thing, and it’s because I like to eat food that’s bad for me in the evenings and on weekends.  Truly.  That’s it.  During the week, I wake up in the morning, I eat Fiber One cereal with almond milk or a Smart Ones breakfast sandwich, I bring my lunch to school (because I really have no other choice) consisting of a sandwich/chips/fruit/string cheese/Fiber One bar or a Lean Cuisine.  That’s my daily routine Monday-Friday.

Evenings are hard, because this is my normal school day: wake up friggin early, drive 40 minutes to school, spend 11 hours there teaching the children how to play music and be slightly less weird, and drive an hour back home.  By the time I walk in the door, it’s usually close to or past 7:00pm, and I want indian food.  Or pizza.  And ice cream.  Loooooots of ice cream.  And wine!  I want wine, too!

Sometimes, I’m really good at saying no to all of that stuff.  And then sometimes I eat indian food pizza with wine-flavored ice cream.  You never know how the night is going to go.

I know I’m making excuses for my misdeeds, but that’s just my life right now.  It’s hard to be good when it just feels sooooo good (for about 10 minutes) to be bad.  And Austin needs to stop having such amazing restaurants.  Bastards.

This most recent week was a little better – we cooked and worked out one night!  Yaayyy!

(This is me, proving that I worked out.  I guess it really only proves that I put on work-out pants and tennis shoes and stood on gravel/greenery, but I promise I went on a 3-mile ralk outside.  Although, it was more walking than running.)  I even had my first band concert this week!  (It was a little stressful, but also incredibly awesome.)

On top of all that, we’re moving this week!  SUPER excited about this because 1) the new place is 2-bed-2-bath and totally rad, and 2) MY DRIVE TO SCHOOL WILL BE SO MUCH SHORTER NOW.  Less excited, because our lives are currently in a state of total chaos. The new place looks a little like this right now:

His and hers seating.  We classy.  (Also, do you see our wood-like material flooring??  I am way too excited about it.)

This week is going to be a little crazy with moving and cleaning and trying not to go completely insane.  However, we went to the grocery store yesterday and bought a bunch of easy lunch/dinner meals for the week, plus fruit and pop chips and all of our other usual snacky-type foods.

And if moving a million heavy boxes down 2 flights of stairs and then up 1 flight of stairs isn’t working out, I don’t know what is.

Up 0.6 Pounds

I started this post approximately forever ago, and I’m so sorry that I’m crazy behind the times.  Just pretend like I posted it on Sunday.  This week has been a doozy (oh you know, with staff development and setting up my classroom and lesson planning and BEING A TEACHER) so I really hope I get more time to blog next week.  No promises.

I’m not even worried about this.

Weight gain this week: 0.6 pounds
Current weight: 201.6 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 34.2 pounds

This doesn’t bug me, because you would not even believe the amount of ass I kicked this week.

Saturday: ralked 2 miles
Sunday: spin class
Monday: ralked 3.6 miles
Tuesday: worked arms with machines/free weights, Stairmaster for 20 minutes (56 flights)
Wednesday/Thursday: days off
Friday: Nike Training Club workout

Bam.  I killed it, even when I was tired and sore from the day before.  Then Saturday, after weigh-in, WRG and I went to the Far West area, and I ralked OVER 4 miles.  It was hot, and there’s a major hill, and I thought I was going to die.

This may not look like much, but it is rough times.  Like, you’ve already ralked 2 miles and then you turn the corner to this hill of death and you have to climb it in order to get back to your car.  Forced motivation, folks.

That’s all I’ve got for right now (again, I apologize for the lateness).  I’ll let you know how Saturday weigh-in goes!  And hopefully in a more timely fashion. :)

Down 5.6 Pounds

I cannot even tell you the joy in my heart when I stepped on the scale yesterday.

Weight loss this week: 5.6 pounds
Current weight: 201.0 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 34.8 pounds

I knew this week had been better, but I didn’t know it was going to be THAT good.  The second time at 35 pounds lost is so close I can taste it, under 200 is only a pound away, and my lowest weight on this journey is just around the corner at 199.0 pounds.

Sometimes, when I have an absolutely crazy awesome loss, I get a little carried away.  We go out to eat, I take a few days off, blah blah blah.  Not this time.  I have spent too much time screwing around to “take a few days off”.  I’m tracking my points, and I’m kicking ass.

Yesterday evening, Walter and I took a ralk (walk/run for those of you who haven’t been paying attention) around Town Lake.  The perfect time for a walk around that beautiful lake is right at sunset:

This view takes my breath away.  Every time.  (Or it could have been the running for more than about 10 feet.  That takes my breath away, too.)

I ralked 2 miles, then met back up with Walter and we sat on the pedestrian bridge over the lake.

This city is just so amazing.

In other news, Walter has been going to spin class lately.  He always comes home incredibly tired and severely sweaty, so I decided it was just too scary.  But after a serious weight loss and an intense attitude change, I gave it a try this morning.

And cue Liz dying.

Seriously.  If you have ever done spin class, you understand.  It’s grueling – and it’s totally awesome.  There were multiple times that I had to stop what I was doing because I didn’t really feel like passing out.  I sweated more and worked harder than I ever have in my life. Best part?  34.8 pounds ago I wouldn’t have been able to get through even a fourth of that class.  Not that I didn’t have a hard time with it…because this happened when I got home:

Really, though.  The jury was out on whether I would ever move again.  The jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to sit tomorrow.  Damn you, spin class bike seat.  (I’m currently sitting on an ice pack.  Not kidding.)

If things go as planned, this is my week to turn things around.  And you might even get more than one blog post.  :)

Down 4.4 Pounds

Boooo-yaaaah!!!!  WUT WUUUUUT.

Weight loss this week: 4.4 pounds!!!
Current weight: 201.8 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 34.0 pounds

Ladies and gentlemen: proof that tracking my food works.  Proof that I can actually do this, and I will actually do this.  Proof that I….um….haven’t exactly been working that hard lately. (Eighth-assing it, remember?)

This was the best news.  I’m 1.8 pounds away from 200.  I’m back to almost 35 pounds lost.  I’m on the downward slope once again.  I feel better.  I look better.  I need to remember this feeling right now so I don’t slip back into old habits.  It’s harder than it looks, friends.

Tonight, I went on what was just supposed to be a walk.  I’ve had annoyingly stabby cramps today, so I thought I would just go on a walk to feel a little better.  I ended up running – and I ran over a half of a mile in one fell swoop!  This is pretty unheard of for me, because I straight up suck at running.  I mean, I’m terrible.  So OVER 0.5 miles??  AWESOME.  Plus, the sunset was absolutely wonderous:

Thank you, ATX.  And thank you, self, for getting your shit together.