GHG: Exercise

Remember Weight Watcher’s Good Health Guidelines?  Let’s explore them…together!!

I thought about going through them in order.  Then I decided I didn’t care about that.

I have come to another revelation.  Remember how I really want to be a Weight Watchers leader when I get to my goal weight?  I have another goal for that magical time in my life.

I want to teach dance fitness classes.

Here’s how I imagine that going – people will walk into my class and think, “Wow.  She’s really, really white.  There’s no way she will be any good at this.”

And then I will pop my booty.  And they will understand.

Seriously, friends.  I had no idea I was so good at booty poppin’ until I started going to these fitness classes.  Liz Love, Expert Booty Popper.  (That looks a lot like Booty Pooper at first glance.  I am laughing out loud right now.)

I went to “Cardio Dance Party” last night at 24 Hour Fitness, and consistently popped my booty for about 50 minutes.  Official realization?  Dance fitness classes are really the best way for me to work out.  Some people run – and some booty pop.

Here are my tips about exercising:

  1. DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO DO.  WW says you should get 30 minutes of exercise in a day.  It is incredibly difficult to get motivated enough to spend 30 minutes exercising every day.  You need to find something you love to do.  Or at least like to do.  Or something you can tolerate for the most part sometimes.
  2. Mix it up!  When it’s nice out in Austin (which won’t happen again until October), I really like to ralk outside.  When I’m feeling extra motivated, I like to do a workout from the Nike Training Club app.  I hope to get into yoga at some point in the near future.  WRG is teaching me how to use free weights.  I know that if I don’t have a lot of options, I’ll get really tired of something really quickly.
  3. Plan your workout schedule.  This is something I really, REALLY need to do.
  4. Buy awesome shoes/clothes/equipment.  I am in love with my Asics, my Champion sports bras/tanks from Target, and my Camelbak water bottle.  Find things that serve as even more motivation to kick ass.
  5. Get a partner in crime.  I know for a fact that I would not be as active as I am if it weren’t for WRG.  We try to keep each other motivated – because there will most definitely be days (weeks/months) when you do not feel like exercising.
  6. Ride the endorphin high.  It. Feels. AWESOME. To. Exercise.  I forget that so frequently, but the post-exercise endorphin rush?  There are few things like it.

Those are my exercise thoughts for you.  I’m a little silly today.  I do not apologize.


Good Health Guidelines

I don’t know how much you all know about Weight Watchers, but one of the main parts of the plan involves following the “Good Health Guidelines”.  Frequently, if someone is following the plan by staying within their points and exercising but still not losing weight, it’s because they aren’t getting in their GHG every day.  (Yep, I’m already abbreviating it.) What are those GHG, Liz?  Well, I am just TICKLED you asked – so I’ll give you an overview!

Good Health Guidelines (GHG)

  1. FIVE servings of fruits and vegetables
  2. TWO servings of dairy
  3. SIX glasses of non-alcoholic drinks
  4. ONE or TWO servings of protein-rich food
  5. TWO teaspoons of healthy oils
  6. Whole-grains, whenever possible
  7. Multiple vitamin-mineral supplement
  8. THIRTY minutes of moderate activity

That’s right, folks – every single day, this is supposed to happen.  Yeesh.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to focus on each of these GHGs individually and talk about how in the world we can all work them into our daily routine.

Lately, it hasn’t been easy.  For example – would you like to know what I had for breakfast this morning?  Two cinnamon rolls.  TWO.  And they were big.  BIG I TELL YOU.  And I felt awful for the rest of the day.  AWFUL.  (In my defense, they were from Upper Crust Bakery. Just don’t ever try them.  Your life will never be the same.  And your co-workers will find you passed out at your desk, in a deep, glorious, sugar coma.)

Every day this week it’s been “Okay…well TOMORROW I’ll do better because I really need to get it together.”  I needed a little reminder, so I thought I’d write a blog post.  Also, this always helps – Walter snapped this shot of me on Saturday in my new boots!

It’s a good reminder that I’ve come along way from this – and that I have really sassy new boots.  This photo, however, is NOTHING…..compared to…..what Nathan and I shot tonight!  That’s right, friends – 30-pound lost photos are on their way!

Stay tuned…

Liz’s Guide to Pizza

I love pizza.

No, I’m not sure you understand.  I friggin’ LOVE PIZZA.  Like, I crave it almost every other day.  These aren’t completely insatiable cravings, but they do exist.  I just don’t understand what is better than bread and tomato sauce and cheese and delicious toppings of all shapes and sizes.  It’s brilliant.

So, obviously I’ve cut back on my pizza intake significantly.  In fact, for awhile, I didn’t eat pizza at all.  It was an awful time in my life.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Then, I discovered that Papa John’s makes thin crust pizza.

And then I discovered that I love Papa John’s Thin Crust Pizza.  Holy thin crust, Batman, that’s flat-out good!  (BAM! JOKE!)

The reason I’m writing about this today is that Walter and I ordered it last night and it was DELICIOUS.  However, we ate most of it last night and the rest of it today as leftovers before I could take a photo.  And by that I mean I wanted pizza so badly that I could not be troubled to get out my iPhone and finagle with Instagram.  (Also, I spelled “finagle” correctly on the first try.  BAM!  I also used it incorrectly.  DOUBLE BAM!)

But here’s a photo of the last time we got it:

So. Good.  That time around we got it with grilled chicken, onions, and mushrooms (with jalapeños on one side) and it was wonderful.  Last night, we decided to stick with the veggies: onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and I got green olives on my side. :)  It was magical.  Oh, and did I mention?

It was only 5 points per slice.

It may be even less – we got light cheese and light sauce, thin crust, and a ton of veggies. I know that this may sound like blasphemy to you pizza-lovers out there, but I absolutely love it.  I had 3 pieces, and that was only 15 points (which is still almost half my daily points, but it could be much worse!)  If I had gotten regular crust, a normal amount cheese, and the pepperoni that I wanted, it could have been upwards of 10 points per slice.  Not even kidding.  Depressing.

When that pizza craving hits you, try out thin crust.  I think that’s how the Italians do it. And they are a bunch of food geniuses, let’s be honest.

Liz’s Guide to Getting Back On the Wagon

Well, first things first:

Liz’s Guide to Falling Off the Wagon (which is what I originally titled this post)
1. Go to a holiday party.
2. Drink a lot of wine.
3. Eat way too much stuffing, green bean casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, and sweets.
4. Slip into a food coma at approximately 7:30pm.
5. Wake up, go back and eat more food.
6. Use all of your weekly points….and more.
7. Swear off weight loss because it’s “too hard, damnit”.

Yep, that’s how you screw up.  Last night, I overate for the first time in 6 weeks.  And let me tell you – overeating does not normally feel great.  But overeating after 6 weeks of awesome eating?  Friggin’ terrible.  All I wanted to do was go to bed, even while there was a fantastic party happening downstairs!  It was rough.  And by rough, I mean me whining incessantly to Walter on the phone.  Poor guy.

It’s just the worst feeling ever.  After weeks of good choices, one bad choice (or a string of bad choices in one evening) feels like a a complete and total failure.  I know it’s not the end of the world, I know that I won’t gain the 18 pounds back in one evening, I know that it would be silly to stop with all of work I’ve already done – but it’s pretty disheartening nonetheless.

Which brings me to my next point: how to get back on the wagon.  I’m not sure that I have this one down yet, but here’s what I did today:
Drank water.
Tracked everything I ate today.
Worked out for much longer than usual.
Ate a salad with smoked salmon for dinner.
Wrote a blog post about how I fell off the wagon.

And that’s that.

(You’ll notice there are no photos in this post.  I didn’t want photographic evidence of my misdeeds.)

Liz’s Guide to Restaurant Eating

Monday was most definitely a day of eating out.  Both of my meals (see: I got up waayyy too late to eat breakfast :)) were taken at food establishments in the Lincoln and Omaha areas.  And both meals were AWESOME.

The first took place at Bread and Cup in Lincoln, with a group of friends who haven’t been all together in quite some time, which made for a wonderfully hilarious and lovely lunch. Many of us in the group have been friends since elementary school, and it’s so rare that friendships like that will last as long as these have.  We’re just a bunch of goofballs, and I would like to apologize to anyone who was also partaking in Bread and Cup during the lunch hour yesterday – things may have gotten a little out of hand.

When I went up to the counter to order, I looked at the incredibly fit girl behind the counter and said, “Alright, I’m trying to eat really healthy, but I also want something delicious.  What do you think?”  Luckily, she was very nice, didn’t look at me funny, and told me what she thought I should get.  It ended up being PERFECTION:

One of the prettiest lunches I’ve ever had: their “simple salad”, hummus, and Tomato Peanut Curry soup.  (No, the beer is not mine.  Unfortunately.)  I had looked at the menu online beforehand, and the simple salad just looked too boring.  But she suggested I order the hummus with it and eat them together, and it was a brilliant idea!  She assured me the soup wasn’t cream-based, which was also a winner.  I would not have come up with this on my own, so I’m really glad I asked.

Dinner was at Brix in Omaha.  I had never heard of this place until a few weeks ago, when I found out a friend from high school works there.  It’s a wine tasting bar/restaurant, and it’s a magical place.  You obtain a Brix card upon entering, take it to many different kiosks where there are dozens of wines to taste, and get any wine you want in 1, 2.5, or 5 oz servings.

Not only did this mean I could have a bunch of different wines, but I knew exactly how many ounces I had consumed by the end of the evening!  (I had more than 10, but that’s all I’m going to say.)  I met up with my friend MacKenzie from high school, who knows the chef, and she introduced me to him.  I immediately said, “What’s healthy and delicious?” This was his answer:

The Plank Salmon, with asparagus and couscous instead of the herb potatoes.  I got the glaze on the side because it was made of maple syrup, Jack Daniels, and brown sugar (and was incredibly delicious).  He said the potatoes involved a lot of fat, so I substituted the couscous (which did have some butter included, but it was worth it).  The whole thing was SO GOOD.  So here it is:


1. Look at the menu online beforehand, if they have one.  If not, take the time to look it over once you are seated.  I make TERRIBLE decisions when I say “Oh yeah, you guys go first, I’ll figure it out by the time you get to me!”  Cue: chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and a side of LARD.
2. Don’t order something you don’t like.  I have, on more than one occasion, ordered something healthy that I knew I wasn’t going to like.  Then, I went home and ate things that I liked, but were far from healthy.  Yikes.
3. Ask the people who know more than you do.  I know this may sound embarrassing or weird, but just ask.  The people who work there know way more about the food than you ever will, and usually they are happy to help!
4. Do NOT be afraid to ask for something different!  Just imagine – if you were deathly allergic to peanuts/soy/bananas/WHATEVER, they would make accommodations for you.   It’s the same way with healthy eating – you’re paying for this, and you have the right to get what you want!

Chew While You Cook

(If you aren’t currently humming “Whistle While You Work” to yourself, we’re not friends.)

Today’s tip:

Chew gum while you bake and/or cook.

A co-worker let me in on this little secret.  Um, how genius is that?  Hopefully, it makes you think twice about little bites and tastes while you’re baking or cooking.  Or, if you taste it, it’s disgusting because you’re chewing gum.  EWWW.

Not that this really applies to me.  Because I barely cook, and I certainly don’t bake.  Oh well.

That’s all I have today.  On a completely unrelated note, here is a photo from my walk around Town Lake the other day:

Love this Austin place.