About Liz

Hi, friends!

My name is Liz, and this is a tale of my weight loss journey, exactly as it pans out for me on Weight Watchers, Beachbody, and whatever works.

This is not my first trip down the weight loss road – but in an attempt to be more serious about this, I’m blogging it. It’s absolutely terrifying and totally fun.

If you would like to see the beginning, it’s here: THIS IS IT. And a photo from the very beginning:

Now, I completely understand that everyone’s weight loss excursion is different – this is just my view on the whole thing. Mostly, I started this so that I would have to blog every single week, keeping me honest and committed. And if I happened to make someone laugh, or inspire them to get healthy, then hell yes.

We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “About Liz

  1. Just found your website thru Facebook. You are so funny! I will keep checking in as I am seriously thinking of re-joining WW myself.

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