Me – after a year of being at Weight Watchers! (With really wonderful friends before a 5K!)

As of Monday, November 19, 2012, I have been an active member of Weight Watchers for exactly one year.  This being my one-year anniversary on this wonderful, difficult, up and down, exhausting, and amusing journey, I thought I would do a little bit of reflecting.

When I started this blog, I was angry.  I was feeling fat, in pain, pissed off, and ready to change something.  I hit the ground running, lost 25 pounds in the first 9 weeks, changed my eating and exercise habits, and totally rocked out.

Then things started to slow a little bit, because that’s what happens in any weight loss journey.  Your body goes, “Oh my god.  You’ve stopped putting terrible food in me!  I must drop all the pounds!” and then after a few months, “Ahhhhh, I see where this is going.  I’m going to crave things I shouldn’t and stop losing as quickly because the honeymoon’s over, lady.  Way, way over.”  (I’m not sure if your body talks to you, but mine does to me.  It’s really chatty.)

And then life happened.  I quit my job and spent almost 2 months being unemployed and with WAY too much free time on my hands.  My weight fluctuated up and down, every single week, because I just wasn’t as dedicated as I was at the beginning.  My focus was elsewhere – socializing, spending money I didn’t have, and building a wonderful life with my boyfriend.  I’m really glad that I had that time for myself – but it didn’t do great things for my weight-loss success.

When I started my teaching job, things turned around a bit.  I was on my feet all day long, eating healthy breakfasts and packing healthy lunches, and just being too busy and overwhelmed to really eat bad things.  I FINALLY got past my 35 pounds, and my body was kind of going through a second honeymoon.  (Greedy body, needing more than one honeymoon.)

Then we moved.  And my year got more stressful.  And I got really sick.  And once again, life happened.  BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT LIFE DOES.  These last few weeks are a perfect example of how much your weight can fluctuate from week to week.  Check it out.


November 10, 2012
Weight loss that week: 2.4 pounds (AND I WAS SO EXCITED BECAUSE IT WAS 40 POUNDS TOTAL YAAYYYYY…..but wait for it.)

November 17, 2012
Weight gain that week: 4.8 pounds (are. you. kidding. me.)

November 24, 2012
Weight loss this week: 1.6 pounds (thank HEAVENS for this)
TOTAL weight loss: 38.2 pounds

It wasn’t totally terrible, but in three weeks, my total was a gain of 0.8 pounds.  Not exactly going in the right direction.  But when I was sick, I didn’t eat much because I didn’t feel like eating much, got to a total of 40 pounds lost, and was preemptively overjoyed.  As I got healthier, I started craving all the food I didn’t eat while I was sick, retained a bunch of water, was PMSing, and gained FOUR POINT EIGHT pounds at my next weigh-in.  (I actually laughed when I got on the scale.  It was extra funny, because it was immediately following my completion of a 5K.  This is not an opportune time to weigh-in, friends.)

This week, my parents came into town.  (I had an amazing FULL week off from school.  It was incredibly necessary.  And wonderful.)  Austin is known for its ridiculous plethora of amazing restaurants, so naturally we went out to eat frequently during the week.  But my dear mother, who is also an incredibly successful WW member, was there to remind me that we didn’t have to overindulge every single time.  We ate a lot of incredible food, but we also made lunch/dinner at home a couple of times.

To add to our list of slightly more healthy decisions – Thanksgiving!

(Isn’t our little table so cute??)  One of the things we talked about at our WW meeting yesterday was how to deal with the things that you really feel you cannot live without on Thanksgiving.  For me, that involves mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Solution? I ate small portions of stuffing and pumpkin pie, and made this killer mashed potato/cauliflower recipe.  Everything was delicious.

Doesn’t that look yummy?  And kind of healthy?  And Thanksgiving-y?  We’re not super into cooking for Thanksgiving, so we picked up our delicious turkey from Rudy’s.  That was possibly the best decision ever.  (Not pictured: scrumptious pumpkin pie.)

When I weighed in yesterday, I was very glad to see that I was back down 1.6 pounds. (Doesn’t exactly offset that giant gain the week before, but I’ll take it.)  I started thinking about this blog post and how I would feel so stupid coming back AGAIN to say – “I really need to get back on track.  Now is the time for me to get amped up again.  This is going to be a great week!  I will NEVER STRAY AGAIN!”  It feels stupid because I’ve said it so many times before on this blog.  Where, you might ask?  Oh, how about here.  Or here.  Also here.  Oh wait – here, too.  (I forgot about that one!  That one was angry….)

But as I read through old posts from this blog, I noticed a trend.  Almost every time that I vowed to get better, channeled my self-loathing into healthy decisions, wrote about all the changes I would make – my next weigh-in was pretty awesome.  So I DON’T feel stupid writing about this.  I don’t feel stupid saying that this week WILL be better.  I don’t feel stupid saying that WRG and I are going to the store today, with a comprehensive grocery list, informed by a detailed food plan for the week.  I feel great saying that I am going to try to take my workout clothes to work so I can go straight to the gym.  I feel proud that I didn’t completely overindulge this last week and that I’m now looking forward to 40 pounds lost without using my sickness to get there.

Now I’m amped.  Are you?


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