Down 0.2 Pounds

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my serious hiatus the last two weeks.

Secondly, I didn’t weigh-in this week.  More about that to come.

Thirdly, I’d just like to state that this is just a bump in the road – I promise this is not a trend. You guys have to help me stay on track.

STATS (for last week)
Weight loss last week: 0.2 pounds
Current weight: 197.0 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 38.8 pounds

It’s better than nothing!  The previous two weeks were so awesome – I’m just glad I maintained the weight loss.  I think the days of eating moderately well during the week without exercising and still losing weight are over.  I need to work a little harder!

About this week – it was a rough one.  I didn’t feel well all week long (I’ll spare you the gory details), and it was incredibly hard to stay on track.  Plus, I had a birthday dinner!  (Which would have been awesome, if I didn’t feel terrible.)  All in all, it was a bleh piece of bleh.

I came home Friday night and sort of fell apart.  In that moment, I decided that I didn’t want to weigh-in on Saturday morning.  For a brief second, I felt guilty.  And then I knew that I wasn’t physically or emotionally in the right place to go to WW in the morning.  I gave myself a seriously-needed break.  I know that I can’t always do this – I would never make any progress.  But it was just straight up necessary this week.  Oh, and I’m PMSing.

The perfect crapstorm of suck.**

So I took a week off.  I’m still feeling sort of yucky, but I think I’m on the uphill slope of this whole thing.  Let’s hope I can get back in gear this week.

**I’m totally copyrighting this phrase.  Right now.


3 thoughts on “Down 0.2 Pounds

  1. We all need a break sometimes…maintaining is great! You’ll get back up and move on when you’re ready. I’ve been sick for days, hate it. :-(

  2. Hi Liz! Love your blog- been a reader for a while and a Weight Watcher since 2010- 39lbs! And I can totally relate, I just threw out my back last week and needed a break from it all. Getting back on track today! Have a great Monday!

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