My dear friends – this is my 100th post on Love Weights!

It’s been a rough couple of months, so I’ve decided that I’m done being uninspiring.  (Yes, you can decide something like that.)  I’m just not going to suck at losing weight right now. I’m tired of feeling fat, feeling tired and gross, feeling unhealthy.  I’m tired of getting on the blog and saying “Sorry, kids, I gained again.”  Speaking of which:

Weight gain this week: 1.8 pounds
Current weight: 206.6 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 29.2 pounds

Okay, fine.  I’ve accepted it.  These last two weeks were shitty.  MOVING ON.

I want to bring your attention to something.  Please see Exhibit A:

That, right there, was taken on November 20, 2011.  I can’t possibly tell you how good it makes me feel to look at this photo, and then look in the mirror today.  Plus, my incredible friends keep telling me that I look good and I’m doing well, which keeps me going more than anything in the world.

I haven’t blogged in quite awhile about the reasons I’m doing this whole weight loss dealiebob.  So let’s talk about that.  In list form.

1.  I don’t love the way I look right now.  I certainly like it, but I don’t love it.  I know that I would be prouder of a more fit body.
2.  I don’t want to get diabetes.  It runs in my family, and I am only inviting its onset by being unhealthy.  This is such a big, fat DUH.  My health is the most important thing.
3.  I feel so much better when I eat healthy food and work out consistently.  When I wake up in the morning and my ring goes on my finger easily, I feel like I’ve already succeeded.
4.  Two words: new clothes.
5.  This blog – it makes me happy, and it keeps me going.

I’ve posted this before, but here’s another reason:

A picture is worth a thousand words.  (For those of you who don’t know, this was taken in 2006 when I was at 158 pounds.  Thinspiration.)

It’s going to be a good week.  I started the new job yesterday, and I’m beyond excited. This also means that I’m back into a routine, which helps so much when it comes to food and exercise planning.  Walter and I killed it at the grocery store on Sunday, and we cooked scallops and risotto last night.  We fancy.

Even though Walter accidentally put in a little too much corn starch for the sauce on the scallops, they were still absolutely delicious.  We added mushrooms to one of our WW favorites – Asparagus Risotto.  Insanely good.

So if I haven’t been motivating yet, hopefully this will be: on Sunday morning, I went to 24 Hour Fitness with the intention of meeting WRG to do a spin class.  It was full by the time I got there, so I went with a step class.  I love step class – it’s like extreme dancing, because you’re trying to do walkovers and rotations and repeater knees and L steps and all those shenanigans while stepping onto a slightly unstable plastic riser.  And inevitably, you fall. Some people fall gracefully, catching themselves with their hands on the step, or not even hitting the ground at all.  Not Liz Love.  Liz Love misses the step, tips the top part up completely, and falls in a heap of limbs on top of her equipment.  Nothing graceful about that.  After wiping the embarrassment off of my awkward body, I caught my breath, drank some water, and jumped right back in to finished the class.  I had to ice a pretty gnarly bruise on my leg later, but it was worth it —

If you STILL aren’t motivated – GO WATCH THE OLYMPICS.  Those are some fit, feisty, and fine folks.  Mmm.

Mostly, this post just serves as a reminder: I am seeing this through.  A little weight gain has never stopped me before, and it’s not going to stop me now.  I needed that reminder.  And so did you.  :)


3 thoughts on “Centennial

  1. You know, this blog motivates me not only physically, but also emotionally. I need you to ship me a big old box of your positivity, please.

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