Up 3.0 Pounds

I have never wanted to blog less than I do right now.

Weight gain this week: 3.0 pounds
Current weight: 204.8 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 31.0 pounds

I honestly don’t have much to say today, because I would just sound like a broken record. I know what I need to do.  I’m just not doing it.  Blah blah blah.  Makes for kind of a boring blog post.

Sometimes you’re not ready to make big changes.  That’s me right now.

I nearly typed “I’m just too busy for this right now.”  I’m too busy for my health?  REALLY?? That’s just not okay.  So I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on, but is that really more important than lowering my risk for a bunch of terrible health problems and feeling better about myself?  Yeah, probably not.

I want to be skinnier.
I want to be healthier.
I want to be happier.

This week’s mantra.  Obviously I can’t promise anything, but here’s to another week.



One thought on “Up 3.0 Pounds

  1. Please keep on — I know you can do this. I’m in the midst of it right now. 225 lbs, 15.5 lbs lost, and feeling kind of “blah, I’d rather eat Chinese Food”

    You and I – we can do this. I just watched Hungry for Change (a movie) and it really motivated me to make some changes outside of counting points (which I will continue to do) and reminded me of a more healthful long term perspective. Skinny Jeans stops motivating me around the time the food (any food, really) hits the table. Know what I mean?

    I have to do this. We can do it. I can’t wait to break that 200 mark — you are so close. It helps when I think of where I want to be by the new year, or my 30th Birthday, or before I have my next baby. I will have wished I stuck to it today, and tomorrow. Keep on eating well and keep on blogging — you are SUCH an encouragement to me!

    Forgive me for spewing.


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