Up 0.2 Pounds

This is what I like to call “maintaining my weight”.

(I call it maintaining because that sounds way better than “failing miserably”.)

I’m doing my best this week to stay positive.  That’s an incredibly difficult thing to do when you look at my “Weight Tracking” page.  On April 14, 2012 (approximately THREE MONTHS AGO), I weighed in at 200.6 pounds.  That was 35 pounds lost, 15% lost, and THREE EFFING MONTHS AGO.  (An incredibly exciting 3 months in my life, but annoying nonetheless.)

However, if you look at my first weigh-in on November 19, 2011 (approximately 8 months ago), I weighed in at a whopping 235.8 pounds.  The fact that I weighed in yesterday at 201.8 pounds doesn’t seem quite so terrible.

Weight gain this week: 0.2 pounds
Current weight: 201.8 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 34.0 pounds

We talked a lot about plateaus at the WW meeting yesterday morning, and here I am, wrapping up a 3-month plateau.  I’ve been maintaining roughly the same weight for 3 months, which is not my favorite thing in the world.  If I had kept losing weight at the pace I was going at the beginning, I would have lost all 75 pounds I needed to lose by now. Unfortunately, this is not real life.  And I wouldn’t want it to be real life.  My body needs time to recover from these big changes.  I know it doesn’t need three effing months, but I always need a second to adjust to healthy eating habits and a more active lifestyle.  Plus, every once in awhile I needed to just stop obsessing over food and live.

That’s a hard balance to strike with Weight Watchers.  At the beginning, I obsessed over every little thing because it was new and exciting, and I was seeing pretty kickass results.  I thought about food and points and new ways of working out and recipes and choices and points and food and food and points every second of the day.  This made for some pretty killer weeks at the scale, but it wasn’t something I could maintain for 8 months.

I need to find a balance between Past Obsessive Liz and Current Lazyass Liz.  I know that the former gets great results but won’t last, and the latter is the reason I have so much weight to lose.  Somewhere in the middle is Slightly Less Crazy But Still Conscious Of Her Choices Liz.  I’ll let you know when I find her.

So this week I’m housesitting, and I just went to HEB to load up the fridge with healthy goodies:

I also discovered the most delicious snack: an English muffin with WW cream cheese and sliced strawberries.  It was 5 points, and absolutely delicious!

Another awesome moment from this week: I tried yoga for the first time!  I have wanted to do it for an extremely long time, but I was always too scared to go to a class.  My friend Victoria has been studying to be a yoga instructor, so she kindly offered to help me out. It’s the perfect thing for me – working on strength and flexibility of both the body and mind.  I suggest it to everyone ever.  In the world.  We met at Butler Park, right by the Long Center, and yoga-ed (yep, it’s a word) outside.  It was sweaty and difficult – and I loved every minute of it.  This was our view:

Beautiful.  Here’s to a new week!


2 thoughts on “Up 0.2 Pounds

  1. Welcome to the world of yoga, you new yogini you! It is one of my favorite things, I love love love the way it makes me feel. If you need any cheering on, good resources, or any other yoga related stuff, I’m your girl. Namaste.

  2. I understand some of how you’re feeling Liz. I’ve been on weight watchers for 3 months and have solely maintained. But I’d like to think of it as a lifestyle change, you’re more conscious of what you’re eating and the GOOD things you’re doing for your body. Even if that means you’re maintaining, you’re still doing your body good.

    You’ll get there. I’m so inspired by you. <3

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