Up 3.8 Pounds

This was a rough one, friends.

The major weight gain this week was a big, fat (yep) reminder that what I am doing is not working.  I realized yesterday that the last few weeks have honestly just been lucky – not even a full pound gained each week.  Whoo-hoo look at me, I’m not doing totally awfully piss-poor.

Then I stepped on the scale at WW and nearly swore.  But of course I’m up a million pounds – I haven’t been working hard.  Actually, I haven’t been working consistently in any aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Every once in awhile I will go workout.  Sometimes I think about how many points something would be.  I cook a meal or two here and there.  Clearly this isn’t cutting it, team.

So this week I’m tracking everything.  I’m going to try to blog everything that I eat.  I have to keep myself accountable in multiple ways, or this won’t work.  Clearly.

Here we go!  Breakfast on Saturday was oatmeal with cinnamon, Splenda, and pears:

We had a REVEL concert on Saturday evening, so there was a lot of munching and not a whole lot of portion control.  However, there was a plethora of incredibly fresh and delicious vegetables from Tecalote Farms, and I tried to focus on that.  The siren song from Texas French Bread baguette took me under, though.  Man.  Can we talk about how good bread is?  Lordy.  I still tracked it, though.

Sunday morning, Walter made me a delicious egg scramble with robusto cheese and turkey.  We do that a lot – make something that involves eggs and whatever the hell else we have in the refrigerator.  Lunch on Sunday was at the Alamo Drafthouse – because we went to see “Brave”!  (It was wonderful.)  We split two things – the hummus plate and a Hawaiian pizza.  Not the healthiest thing in the world, but incredibly delicious and I tracked the points.

The best meal of the day, though, was dinner: blackened tilapia baja tacos!!

You should seriously check out this recipe from Cooking Light – it was absolutely delicious.  In the mixture that you toss with the onions, we used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and Central Market salsa instead of the jalapeño.  So yummy!

Yesterday, my dear friend Anne Marie came over for breakfast and we made kickass breakfast tacos:

Look at all that fruit!  Lunch yesterday was sort of snack-y (cottage cheese, grapes, string cheese, pop chips).  Dinner was awesome – Roasted Red Pepper Salmon Burgers (from Whole Foods) and quinoa with red peppers and random assorted spices that Liz unceremoniously threw together:

Filling and really spectacularly scrumptious.  Finished off the evening with a Weight Watchers ice cream bar and some Food Network.  Lovely.

That brings us to today!  This morning, I went to Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness, and it was intense.  The instructor was also approximately eight-months pregnant.  That’s right – the doctor is making her stop teaching classes next week, because she needs to rest before she has a friggin’ baby.  This lady is hardcore.  And I nearly passed out.  (SO worth it.)

I ate a bowl of Fiber One Shredded Wheat for breakfast…

…and a Greek salad from JP’s Java for lunch.

Now you’re all caught up.  I’ve made much better decisions over the last few days, knowing that it would all show up on the blog eventually.

Expect more food posts this week!


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