Up 0.8 Pounds

I’ll bet you guys thought I didn’t go to Weight Watchers this week, didn’t you?  You were all “Liz gave up, she’s such a bad weight loser” and I’m all “Yes, I’ve been sucking it up lately, but I did still go to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning.”

Weight gain this week: 0.8 pounds
Current weight: 202.4 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 33.4 pounds 

In the past 6 weeks, as you can see on my Weight Tracking, I have gained weight every week but one.  This is a little depressing, but I’m not at all surprised.  I’ve been quarter-assing it (yep, that’s a thing) – only thinking about eating healthy and working out every once in awhile, instead of making consistent changes in my lifestyle.  So yeah.  Quarter-assing it over here.  Probably even eighth-assing.

I’ve now been going to WW for 30 weeks this time around.  This week was definitely the hardest to motivate myself to walk in the door and step on that scale.  But I did.  And now I’m writing about it.  For you guys.  If any of you are still reading this slightly-less-motivational-than-it-used-to-be blog.

The biggest news from this week – I got a job!!  I know, I know – two weeks ago I was so excited about being funemployed, but this is what I’ve wanted all along.  I will be an assistant band director at Running Brushy Middle School in Leander ISD!  (For those of you who are not Austinites, this is still in the Austin area, just a little northwest of the city.) Everything worked out in such an awesome way, and I am so incredibly excited to work with the amazing team up in Leander ISD.  They are absolutely wonderful.

My first day isn’t for a little while – so I’ve still got some time to hang out and be funemployed!  In my future?  Some babysitting, catching up on my favorite shows, working out, cooking meals I’ve never cooked, and a short trip to Nebraska!  We ended this weekend with a badass meal of yummy tacos:

Oh yes – they were delicious.  Pre-marinated chicken fajita meat from HEB (really quite yummy), WW cheese, pico de gallo, and rice and fat-free beans.  Absolutely delicious.

I did a Nike Training Club workout yesterday, and I’m certainly feeling it in my quads/inner thighs/rear end region today.  We’ll see if I make it back to the gym today.

Off to another week – here’s to a little more stability and….well…..effort. :)


3 thoughts on “Up 0.8 Pounds

  1. Just remember this: a year from now you’ll be glad you stuck with it today. (a little play on the quote: a year from now, you’ll wish you had started today). I just found your page so I’m still here and here I’ll stay! You should really write a book. :)

  2. I’m cheering for you. You can do this. Congrats on the new job. I wish I could go to Austin for Elks convention this year, but I can’t afford it. :(

  3. I’m still reading! Keep it up Miss Liz. 30 weeks is a loooooong time to stay motivated, I can’t even imagine, but you’ve truly come so far. Something that helps me is setting short term goals to get me to my long term one. Things like “I have a wedding next weekend” make it easier to get through just one week being “good.” I always seem to have some event or celebration coming up so each week I have another great reason to try to stay healthy and not fall off the wagon. If I was trying to get in shape for a trip a year from now, I’d look just as I do today by the time the trip came around. Hang in there and CONGRATS ON THE JOB!! :)

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