Down 0.6 Pounds

In the past 6 weeks of my life, I bought a new car, quit my job, and moved in with my boyfriend.  This week, I started antibiotics that have wreaked havoc on my system.

I’ve decided to give myself a little break.

Weight loss this week: 0.6 pounds
Current weight: 200.2 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 35.6 pounds

I know I haven’t blogged since my weigh-in post last week, and for that I give to you my deepest apologies.  We’re coming up on my last week of work – I’m busy with all sorts of things…but mostly?  I’m a little freaked out.  My life is about to drastically change, and I’m not totally sure how I’m going to handle it.  Blergh.

Let’s talk about these antibiotics for a second – how annoying is it to add something to this already difficult journey that JUST makes it harder?  I know that they are going to make me better, but I have to take them for SIX FRIGGIN’ WEEKS (it’s a skin thing).  I really hope that I don’t feel this crappy for six whole weeks, because it makes getting motivated to eat well and work out even HARDER.  Something I saw this week that hit home:

It never gets easier.  You just get better.

How wise you are, Internet.  Here’s to hoping I get better soon.

I’ll leave you with the joy that East Side Cafe brought me this week:

Grilled Shrimp Salad, with the East Side Bellini.  Glorious.  At least I chose well with the food.  (Putting a strawberry in a bellini makes it healthy….right?)


One thought on “Down 0.6 Pounds

  1. So thankful to have found your blog! I am 242lbs. (I can only write that because I’m anonomyous — kinda), have been overweight all my life, but am especially so after two babies — thank you so much for this blog! By God’s grace — I can do this, too!!!!!!!

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