GHG: Exercise

Remember Weight Watcher’s Good Health Guidelines?  Let’s explore them…together!!

I thought about going through them in order.  Then I decided I didn’t care about that.

I have come to another revelation.  Remember how I really want to be a Weight Watchers leader when I get to my goal weight?  I have another goal for that magical time in my life.

I want to teach dance fitness classes.

Here’s how I imagine that going – people will walk into my class and think, “Wow.  She’s really, really white.  There’s no way she will be any good at this.”

And then I will pop my booty.  And they will understand.

Seriously, friends.  I had no idea I was so good at booty poppin’ until I started going to these fitness classes.  Liz Love, Expert Booty Popper.  (That looks a lot like Booty Pooper at first glance.  I am laughing out loud right now.)

I went to “Cardio Dance Party” last night at 24 Hour Fitness, and consistently popped my booty for about 50 minutes.  Official realization?  Dance fitness classes are really the best way for me to work out.  Some people run – and some booty pop.

Here are my tips about exercising:

  1. DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO DO.  WW says you should get 30 minutes of exercise in a day.  It is incredibly difficult to get motivated enough to spend 30 minutes exercising every day.  You need to find something you love to do.  Or at least like to do.  Or something you can tolerate for the most part sometimes.
  2. Mix it up!  When it’s nice out in Austin (which won’t happen again until October), I really like to ralk outside.  When I’m feeling extra motivated, I like to do a workout from the Nike Training Club app.  I hope to get into yoga at some point in the near future.  WRG is teaching me how to use free weights.  I know that if I don’t have a lot of options, I’ll get really tired of something really quickly.
  3. Plan your workout schedule.  This is something I really, REALLY need to do.
  4. Buy awesome shoes/clothes/equipment.  I am in love with my Asics, my Champion sports bras/tanks from Target, and my Camelbak water bottle.  Find things that serve as even more motivation to kick ass.
  5. Get a partner in crime.  I know for a fact that I would not be as active as I am if it weren’t for WRG.  We try to keep each other motivated – because there will most definitely be days (weeks/months) when you do not feel like exercising.
  6. Ride the endorphin high.  It. Feels. AWESOME. To. Exercise.  I forget that so frequently, but the post-exercise endorphin rush?  There are few things like it.

Those are my exercise thoughts for you.  I’m a little silly today.  I do not apologize.


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