Cake for Breakfast

That’s right, folks – I ate cake for breakfast today.  I figured that meant it was time for a blog post.

Welcome to my world of stress/emotional eating.  I won’t bore you with the shitty details of my stress/emotions, but I’m not in the best place this week.  I’m really, REALLY excited about living with my totally awesome boyfriend – but other stuff is a hot mess of suck.

How did this affect me this week?  Oh ya know, free buffet food yesterday for both lunch and dinner brought out Crazy Liz.  Crazy Liz is the one who goes back to the buffet multiple times, and is only fueled by carbs.  And sugar.  And more carbs.  (I actually wrote “crabs” first.  It was way funnier.)

So I ate cake for breakfast this morning.  And even though the cake was incredibly delicious, it wasn’t satisfying.  A nap would be satisfying.  Or a workout.  But definitely not cake.

This afternoon, I am celebrating the birth of my very dear friend Aren with a lovely happy hour.  I will need help being good, so I’m grateful that both Walter and Bev (you remember Bev, right?) will be there.  Thankfully, I was much better at lunch, so I hope to carry that trend into the evening.

Thus ends my lament.  That’s just my day today.  Would you like to see something that totally made me feel better?  It combines two things I love so very, very, VERY much: The West Wing and exercising.

**In other news, if I ever write a book, it will be entitled “Cake for Breakfast”.

**HILARIOUS UPDATE: when I searched “Cake for Breakfast” to see if anyone else had written a book with the same title, I found this: Cake for breakfast? Study says go for it  NOT KIDDING FOLKS.  Apparently, people think this is a good idea.  Really, the article is telling you to have a well-balanced breakfast, but that title is SURE to get some people on board. People will believe anything.  Yikes.


5 thoughts on “Cake for Breakfast

  1. The cake was my fault. You could have blamed me in a public forum. it would have been okay. I’m a bad influence. I love cake. And ice cream. And cookies.

  2. I ate brownies for breakfast three times last week. Frosted brownies. I’m not even sorry.

    Hope your week gets better!

  3. Hopefully this will help cheer you up, and give you a few laughs. Bill Cosby – Cake for Breakfast.

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