On the Move

I apologize for my lack of activity lately – this week is a crazy one!  I spent the last few days in Dallas visiting friends and listening to wonderful music.


Wonderful music:

(Bach is a killer road trip companion.)

It was absolutely spectacular and a much needed vacation.  The rest of the week is crazy as well because I move in with WRG this weekend!  That’s right folks, adulthood is happenin’ fast. My apartment is a COMPLETE disaster of boxes and stuff and things and I’m feeling a liiiiitttle stressed out about it.  So if you know anyone who, like….ya know…needs a couch…um….let me know.

This will be short, but here are the things you need to know about my life:

  • I partook in a breakfast buffet yesterday morning, and I OWNED it.  I was so freakin’ good.  Breakfast Buffet is my bitch.
  • I went on a walk.  While I was on vacation.  2 miles.  Of my own free will.  By myself.
  • People keep telling me I look smaller.  To those people – thank you for your amazing kind words.  To those who haven’t said anything – thanks a lot.  (JUST KIDDING.)
  • This week is Admin Professionals week, and we will be having short chair massages in the office today (SO PUMPED).  We also, however, will be having cookies.  And I am here to say that I will only have ONE.  I will take a photo of that ONE COOKIE, and show it to the world.  I have to make this decision now in order to not go completely crazy and eat all the cookies in the world.  MAKE SURE I DO THIS.

These are the things you need to know.  I’m off the blog for a few days – but don’t worry, I’ll be back!  And moving burns calories…right??


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