10 for 10 – Volume 3

Presenting…..30-POUNDS LOST PHOTOS!!!

The INCREDIBLY talented Nathan and Amy of Nathan Russell Photography found some time in their ridiculously busy schedules to do an amazingly fun shoot last night.  I mean, this would not have happened without Nathan’s brilliant photography, Amy’s fabulous styling (and sweeping skills?), and my….um….absurdity.

First, Amy busted out the fan.  That’s right, everyone – I did a photo shoot with a fan.

Love me some fan.  At one point, Amy was coaching me on how to be a model (she’s gorgeous, folks, and an expert – I am far from it), and I just started to feel ridiculous….

This week’s theme – fun with fruits and veggies!

The following photo, starring Bell Peppers as “Confetti”, is possibly my favorite photo ever.

It was entirely too much fun.  And no photo shoot is complete without a photo of me looking terrible.  I had to put this one in, because Maisy photo-bombed like a champ.

You guys, thirty pounds feels good.  Technically I’m at 35 lost as of last week, but I’m a little nervous about what the scale will say on Saturday, so I don’t want to speak too soon. Do you know when the last photo shoot we had was?  January 20.  That’s a little depressing – but those first 20 pounds came off pretty fast.  The only thing I can do is work HARD to get to 40 pounds lost!

As promised, I will do a list of 10 things for each 10 pounds.  This time:


  1. Walk up in the Far West neighborhood
  2. Cardio Dance Party at 24 Hour Fitness!
  3. Ab workout from the Nike Training Club app
  4. Parking far away from Target
  5. Ralking the trail by WRG’s place (around Arbor Walk)
  6. Free-weights (but I learned from WRG, who knows what he’s doing!)
  7. Taking a break from work by walking around the building
  8. Zumba!
  9. Walking a dog if I had one but I don’t so this one isn’t real
  10. High-fiving!

Okay, so that’s not the best list I’ve done, but it will work for today.  I hope you enjoyed the photos – time to think of what to do for my 40-pound shoot!

Let’s kick the rest of this week’s ass, friends.  It’s begging for it.


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