Good Health Guidelines

I don’t know how much you all know about Weight Watchers, but one of the main parts of the plan involves following the “Good Health Guidelines”.  Frequently, if someone is following the plan by staying within their points and exercising but still not losing weight, it’s because they aren’t getting in their GHG every day.  (Yep, I’m already abbreviating it.) What are those GHG, Liz?  Well, I am just TICKLED you asked – so I’ll give you an overview!

Good Health Guidelines (GHG)

  1. FIVE servings of fruits and vegetables
  2. TWO servings of dairy
  3. SIX glasses of non-alcoholic drinks
  4. ONE or TWO servings of protein-rich food
  5. TWO teaspoons of healthy oils
  6. Whole-grains, whenever possible
  7. Multiple vitamin-mineral supplement
  8. THIRTY minutes of moderate activity

That’s right, folks – every single day, this is supposed to happen.  Yeesh.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to focus on each of these GHGs individually and talk about how in the world we can all work them into our daily routine.

Lately, it hasn’t been easy.  For example – would you like to know what I had for breakfast this morning?  Two cinnamon rolls.  TWO.  And they were big.  BIG I TELL YOU.  And I felt awful for the rest of the day.  AWFUL.  (In my defense, they were from Upper Crust Bakery. Just don’t ever try them.  Your life will never be the same.  And your co-workers will find you passed out at your desk, in a deep, glorious, sugar coma.)

Every day this week it’s been “Okay…well TOMORROW I’ll do better because I really need to get it together.”  I needed a little reminder, so I thought I’d write a blog post.  Also, this always helps – Walter snapped this shot of me on Saturday in my new boots!

It’s a good reminder that I’ve come along way from this – and that I have really sassy new boots.  This photo, however, is NOTHING…..compared to…..what Nathan and I shot tonight!  That’s right, friends – 30-pound lost photos are on their way!

Stay tuned…


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