I feel rejuvenated, inspired, and on fire.

When I was asking Walter what I should title this post, he said, “It’s like you’re a phoenix rising from the ashes of a fatter phoenix!”  I laughed out loud, so I had to include it here.

The further I get on this weight loss journey, the more I realize that ups and downs are absolutely inevitable.  There are days where I really just can’t remember why I would EVER want to work out, let alone go on a walk/run for 3 miles in 85-degree weather.  Gross. There are also days where all I want to do is cook and track and talk about being healthy and run around in the humid, Austin weather.  I am, very slowly, learning to accept the differences in these days, embrace the good ones, and figure out ways to push through the bad ones.  It’s a steep learning curve, friends.

Since my kickass weigh-in on Saturday, I’ve been rocking it out.  We had a REVEL event on Saturday evening that involved lots of delicious, free, buffet-style food (the absolute WORST for a weight watcher), and I only went 11 points over my allowance!  (In previous free, endless food excursions, I faired much worse.)  Yesterday, Walter and I cooked Mushroom Herb Chicken from my WW magazine for dinner.  It was DELICIOUS and mega easy!  I would have taken a photo…except I was too hungry.  There was absolutely NO time for photos.

Walter also made this amazing Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich!  (Another WW recipe…)

First of all, holycrapilovepesto.  My mom makes it from scratch, with basil from the garden, and it honestly should be illegal, it’s so good.  This little ditty totally satisfied my pesto craving!  And it’s just chicken, pesto, a little low-fat mayo, fat free plain yogurt, and roasted red peppers.  Brilliant.  (In fact, WRG is making it AGAIN for our lunches tomorrow…he’s such a good cook.)

On top of all of these things, I ralked a total of 6 miles yesterday and today!  Like I said – I’m rejuvenated.  And on fire.

Like a phoenix.


4 thoughts on “Phoenix

  1. If you were to send me the pesto chicken salad recipe (and maybe what brand of pesto), I definitely wouldn’t be sad ;) And I’m pretty sure I would love WRG.

  2. Good job, Liz!!! I joined WW, too – so reading your blog keeps me motivated. Thank you :). I totally know what you are talking about with the ups and downs. Keep it up. You look GREAT!

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