Up 1.6 Pounds

Weights Watchers is pretty awesome with their awards.  For every five pounds you lose, you get a sticker.  For your 5% – sticker.  For your 10% – key ring.  For every 25 pounds – a little disc that has a 25 on it.  And when you have been coming to meetings consistently for 16 straight weeks, you get this cheesy little charm that has a pair of clapping hands on it.  (I know that sounds ridiculous, but I LOVE PRIZES.)

This week I received my 16-weeks charm.  I know – it’s been more than 16 weeks.  But since I came back to WW after rejoining some time ago, they didn’t know it had been 16 weeks this time around.  Of course, when I realized that today, I immediately demanded that I get a silly charm because IT’S JUST THAT IMPORTANT STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.  Then I got on the scale.

208.8 pounds.

I believe I swore, apologized for swearing, and then swore some more under my breath. At the beginning of this week I was all, “Hell, yeah I’m going to lose 1.4 pounds this week and be at 30 pounds lost total and it’s going to be HARDCORE!!”  As the week progressed, I got all “Well, I just want that piece of chocolate cake at the birthday celebration at work” and “Thin-crust pizza from Papa John’s isn’t THAT bad for you” and “I am so tired I can’t even sit up anymore, let alone go work out.”  It wasn’t a very productive week, as you can tell.  Here’s the first quote I’ll share, and it’s from the WW meeting this morning:

It’s a little hard to see on the WW screen, but it says this: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”  Well, duh.  But I definitely needed that this morning.

When I received my award, I talked a little bit about how the journey was going.  I told them about the blog and how it keeps me coming back to the meetings even after bad weeks.  I talked about the mental plateau that I’ve hit for the past 6 weeks, and then I said that I had lost a total of 27 pounds.  Everyone clapped, and a woman behind me gasped and said, “In only 16 weeks???”  She’s right – I’m proud of how far I’ve come.  It’s just time to go further.  (Puts a little perspective out there for ya, huh?)

The other quote I would like to share with you today is this:

“Well, every time a sweet treat tempts you, imagine me punching you in the mouth.” –David Marker

That’s my dear friend David, with some awesome words to say about my bad decisions. We’ve been friends for almost 14 years and he’s one of the most amazing people in the world.  He now lives in LA and he’s always been one of my biggest supporters in everything – especially getting healthy.  Plus, he’s hilarious.  I mean, effing funny. Yesterday, when I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to eat macaroni and cheese for lunch, he scolded me and threatened me and metaphorically punched me in the mouth.  He is such a good friend.

To add another level of accountability this week, Mom and I agreed to e-mail each other every day and tell the other person what we ate that day.  I need all the help I can get at this point, because I’m tired of being up and down.  It’s time to move forward.


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