Down 4.2 Pounds

Turns out if I get pissed off enough, I’ll make a change.

Weight loss this week: 4.2 pounds!
Current weight: 207.4 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 28.4 pounds 

It was SUCH a relief when I got on the scale this morning.  I knew that I had worked hard this week, but you never know how it’s going to show on the scale.  This is the lowest I’ve been thus far!!  YAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

For awhile I was posting a picture of myself every week, and then I just got too pissed.  I think I’ll start it up again with this one:

That’s me and my handsome boyfriend at the Radiohead concert!  I love this photo for so many reasons – one of which being that I don’t have a double-chin.  You guys.  This is a serious feat of strength here.  In the first two pictures I tried to take with WRG, I stuck my neck out because I was so worried about my double-chin.  Walter goes, “Stop that – you don’t need to worry about it, you look great!”  Turns out he may have been right.  I guess he’s allowed to be right sometimes.  :)

This week is a little crazy – WRG’s family is in town and we’re going on a mega-roadtrip next weekend for a friend’s wedding.  But I WILL weigh-in at a meeting in Nebraska on Saturday and keep you posted!

Thanks for keeping me honest, friends.  You rock my world.


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