Wind Beneath My Wings

And now all of you have that song in your heads.

You’re welcome.

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to every person who has been sending me good vibes – whether it be on FB, through text messages, or just through the cosmos (I can feel them.  Trust me.)  It was amazing how many amazing and wonderful people took time out of their day to send me a note, saying they were thinking about me and that they knew I could do it!  I was reminded how many people I inspire every day.  It was rock-awesome. And you guys really are the wind beneath my wiiiiiiiiiiings.

Saturday morning/afternoon was a little rough emotionally, but I have to say – I am really, REALLY glad I wrote that last post.  Was it a little dramatic?  Uh, yes.  But it is precisely how I felt in that moment, and I needed to get it out somehow.  The rest of Saturday was quite nice – I babysat some of my favorite children in the world, ate a healthy meal of tilapia and asparagus for dinner with WRG, and we watched “Midnight in Paris”.  It was a really beautiful end to a shitty-starting day.

On Sunday morning, I re-read the blog post.  It was amazing how much it empowered and inspired me to do better.  Even though I had calmed down significantly, I remembered exactly what it felt like when I saw that number on the scale.  I went to a lovely concert at the Blanton Museum, caught up with my dear friend Anne Marie, and went on a ralk with WRG in the UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous weather.  We usually venture up to an area in Austin called Far West and walk/run around the neighborhood – usually at least 3 miles. Well, I ralk 3 miles – Walter usually does at least 4 miles, sometimes 5. Because he’s hardcore.  (I went Friday after work as well, and I ralked 3 miles in less than an hour.  This is a RARE occurrence, people – it was awesome!)  A truly beautiful evening to go on a ralk:


Sunday evening, WRG and I went over to Nathan and Amy‘s, where they cooked us a healthy and MEGA-delicious dinner!  My favorite part?  We had baked sweet potatoes and put Greek yogurt on them instead of sour cream.  Friends.  This is actually really, really good.  Being the HUGE fan of sour cream that I am, I was skeptical.  But it was yummers!

I’m going to stop rambling.  The point is, no – I’m not going to give up and eat an entire Ben and Jerry’s pint every day for the rest of my life.  And no, I’m not going to skip the WW meeting on Saturday.  And no, I’m not going to stop blogging and move to Italy where they have the best food ever and eat until I can’t feel feelings.  (Even though I thought very, very carefully about all of these things.)  I’m off my ledge.  And it’s all because of the incredibly fervent wind beneath my wings – you guys. :)


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