This morning was rough.  I didn’t just get up on the wrong side of the bed, I got up on the worst side of the bed.  It may not even have been the bed.  I woke up on the wrong side of the dirt floor.  At least, that’s how I felt.

So, instead of moping and/or punching people, I decided to make a list of things for which I am grateful in my life today – some of which having to do with weight loss…and some that don’t.

  1. WRG.  It’s cheesy, but he’s the bomb dot com.  He helps me remember why I want to lose weight and how to do it, while still assuring me that I am beautiful just the way I am.  (I know, bleh.  Feel free to throw up.)
  2. My incredible parents.  They have always been my biggest cheerleaders, but they (obviously) REALLY want me to be healthy.  Plus, my incredible mother has been on WW for a long time, and she has gotten down to and maintained a healthy weight for quite some time now.  They both taught me how to eat and cook healthy – it’s awesome.
  3. Friends who are honestly the best ever.  They make sure that we go out to eat at restaurants where I will have a deliciously healthy option.  They scold me when I eat something I shouldn’t necessarily be eating.  And they are CONSTANTLY encouraging me in some way – telling me I look thinner, high-fiving me when I don’t eat cake, and reminding me that I’m doing the right thing.
  4. Popcorn.  I made a bag today at work where all of the kernels popped except 3. THREE.  It was magic.
  5. A stable, benefits-having job.  I must remind myself of this.  A lot.
  6. Instagram.
  7. Candles.  They make everything prettier.
  8. 24 Hour Fitness.  If I didn’t have a place to go to work out, I wouldn’t do it.  I would probably walk outside every once in awhile, but not nearly as much as I do now.
  9. Salmon.  I’m obsessed.
  10. Good music, especially my newest discovery: Kimbra.  She’s amazing, and you should check out her music videos.  They are the perfect combination of beautiful and a little weird.

And finally, this:

I was walking across campus with my very dear friend Shannon in the incredibly dreary weather this morning, having a silly conversation about the business we were going to start that “brings more beauty into the world” (our only mutual career goal), and she pointed to those flowers and said, “Like those!”  They were this joyous burst of happy in the middle of an incredibly dreary morning.  So I added them to my “Things For Which I Am Grateful”. (Also known as my “Things That Help Me Remember Not To Mope Or Punch Anyone”.)


6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Good stuff, Liz. I’m right there with you. That is, I feel happy and/or grateful lots of the time, but when you’re having an “off” day, remembering those things is the best kind of medicine. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. What a healthy way to deal with the dulldrums (sp?) – even more than healthy, inspiring – I firmly believe if more people did this there’d be a lot more happy people (or at least less violent). You rock girl! You know I’m rooting for you!

    P.S. AMAZING about the popcorn! I totally have a new goal/mission in life – I didn’t not think that amazing pop-age was possible! :)

  3. LL, YOU are truly a burst of happy for me! My morning blues went away as well…

    (Seriously, did those blue flowers pop up over night?!?)

  4. Loved this. I, too, woke up on the wrong side of the litterbox. Thanks for continuing to be a shining beacon of positivity!

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