Down 1.8 Pounds

PROOF that this tracking business works?  I was down 1.8 pounds this week!

Weight loss this week: 1.8 pounds
Current weight: 208.8 pounds
TOTAL weight loss: 27.0 pounds

As you might notice, these stats are very similar to this post.  Being that I gained 1.8 last week, I’ve just decided that these last two weeks don’t exist.  Hooray!

I officially decided, in the middle of the WW meeting this morning, that when I get to goal, I want to be a Weight Watchers leader.  I’ve thought about this a lot, because I absolutely LOVE trying to inspire people, but today I officially decided to add it to my list of goals!  And you know what will be awesome about that?  I will have all of this reflection, inspiration, food ideas, and whatever else I come up with on this silly blog from which to draw.

Here’s my thing – healthy weight loss is about being real with yourself, and if you’re going to help other people be healthy, you have to be real with them as well.  You also have to be supportive, funny, and self-depricating.  We are all a mess – let’s be a mess together. :)

Today’s WW meeting was all about stress – what causes it, how to handle it, and specifically how to avoid eating as a coping mechanism.  There were some good alternatives suggested – write about it, talk to a friend, exercise, listen to music, play or sing music (loved that one), etc.  One guy said that he “gave himself permission to talk to himself”.  He said that when someone or something was stressing him out, he went somewhere private and cursed that person out…to himself.  He relieved the stress without possibly burning a bridge or hurting someone’s feelings.  Get it, dude.

I reminded the folks in the meeting that, even though it’s difficult, we need to refrain from allowing attempted weight loss to become a stressor.  I’ve been down this WW road at least 5 times in the past 7 years, and a couple of those times, WW only added to my stress in a way that was incredibly unhealthy.  If I didn’t lose weight one week, I couldn’t mentally and emotionally handle it because I was WAY too stressed about it.  Healthy eating and living has to become a (somewhat) natural part of your life.  Yes, it’s hard – but so are a lot of things that we do every single day.  How about we just let this one be what it is?  Portion control, choosing healthy foods, and staying active.  Bam.

On Friday, my favorite stress-reliever was the glorious weather.  I looked up as I drove to South Congress Cafe (to celebrate 7 happy months with WRG), and the clouds were stellar.  I was driving through downtown Austin, in terrible traffic, verging on being awfully late for our reservation, and I wasn’t stressed at all.  I just looked up (at red lights, mind you) and enjoyed driving with the windows down.

Take a deep breath, friends.  We’re all in this together.


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