Oldie, But Goodie

I’ve been doing some major cleaning lately – came across this old WW Weight Tracker, circa 2005:

Check out this old school system – before they moved all WW stuff to computers.  (Good grief – 2005 does NOT seem that long ago.  Technology is magic.)  This tracker is amazing – 161.4 pounds??  That sounds AWESOME!!  It makes me remember that I’ve done this before, and I’m going to do it again.  Even if that is approximately 50 pounds away.

And here’s today’s food tracking!

So…I kind of forgot breakfast.  Honestly.  At about 11:00am, I said to my friends at work, “Man, I am SO hungry!!”  One of them asked me what I had eaten for breakfast, and I’m all “Oh yeah.  Breakfast.”  So I had a banana.  (For a whopping ZERO points.)  I do not suggest this.  I’ve been hungry all day.

Turkey sandwich on wheat, with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and pickles (7)
Baked Lays (3)

Chocolate! (4)
Popcorn (3)

Papa John’s Thin Crust Pizza (16)

Total points today: 33 points (2 LESS than my daily allowance! No, that’s doesn’t mean I get to roll them over to tomorrow….)

It’s been a long day – I don’t think a workout is in my near future.  However, tomorrow I intend to kick WRG’s butt with another Nike Training Club workout.  He won’t know what hit him. :)


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