I’m Back!

That’s right, friends – Liz Love is back on track.

Last night, WRG and I went to 24 Hour Fitness at approximately 10pm – it had been a long day for both of us, and we were having a rough time getting our asses in gear to go the the gym.  We chatted about possibly doing one of the Nike Training Club workouts from my iPhone app, and Walter was all “Yeah, I guess we could…”  See here’s the deal – WRG figured that the last time I talked about how much one of those workouts kicked my butt, that I was just being a pansy.  And let’s be honest – frequently, that isn’t far from the truth. But I was determined to prove to him that it’s a hard workout.  And that I’m not a complete wuss.

We chose our music to listen to while doing the work out (Radiohead – “In Rainbows”, if you’re curious) and set to work.  The first part of this particular workout was 4 minutes of some straight leg kicks, high knee runs, and walking lunges.  At our first “Recover” segment, I looked over at a totally beat Walter and had to remind him that “This was just the warm-up.” That’s right – Nike Training Club workouts are really difficult for my 6’3″, multiple mile running, weight-lifting boyfriend.  I think this means I’m doing something right! Boo-yah.

And, because I promised I would, I will now let you know exactly what I ate today:

Fiber One Raisin Bran cereal (5)
Almond milk (1)

Spinach wrap with turkey, provolone, hummus, and lettuce (10)
Banana (0)
Popcorn (3)
Thin Mints (4)

Skinny Cow chocolate candy things (4)

Sushi! (14)

Total points today: 41

That’s 6 more than my daily points allowance, so I used up a few of my weekly points.  Not a perfect day, but definitely not a terrible one either.  Now we’re off to the gym to rock yet another NTC workout.

I’m back, friends.  Back on track.


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