Radiant Energy

As some of you know, I work for this incredible chamber music group in Austin called REVEL.  (But seriously – they’re amazing.  Check them out.)  The pianist for this beautiful group is the ever brilliant Carla McElhaney.  Not only is she an amazing piano player, but she is also an incredibly inspirational woman whom I admire so very much!  When I started this blog, she was immediately and fervently supportive.  In an e-mail exchange in December, she said that she also had bought new running shoes and started a new eating plan.  And one sentence really jumped out at me:

Out with flabby bulges and life-draining exhaustion, in with toned curves and radiant energy!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is one of the best sentences I have ever heard.  When I read that in her e-mail, and I knew that it had to be the bottom line in this whole weight loss journey.  Both parts of that sentence are brilliant.

Being overweight is hard.  It makes me cranky.  It causes me physical pain.  It wreaks havoc on my self-esteem and my emotions.  When I fail, it makes it harder to get back up and try again.  “Life-draining exhaustion” is a great way to put it – it affects every part of your life, no matter whether you want it to or not.

With a loss of 27 total pounds, I feel a difference.  I can tell that I am headed toward radiant energy.  I still have a lot to lose, but I feel so much better in my every day life.  I’m not as winded when I get up a flight of stairs, I breathe more deeply, I can walk for much longer without getting tired.  It’s important that these things are the focus of this weight loss extravaganza, not “I’m going to be skinny and if I’m not, it’s the end of the world”. Like I said in this post, skinny is not the goal – healthy is the bottom line.  I love Carla’s mention of “toned curves”.  Not only does that seem more doable, but it sounds hotter.  :)

Speaking of radiant energy, I played a gig with my dad on Friday.  It has been so long since we have played a gig together, and it just happened to work out that a Lincoln-based dance band was playing down in Austin this weekend!  Not only was it so much fun to hang with my dad, but it was just incredible to play music that people enjoyed so wholeheartedly.  The lighting is pretty terrible in this shot, but you can see the radiant energy on both of our faces.

Spread the radiant energy, friends!


5 thoughts on “Radiant Energy

  1. Love this photo, Miss Elizabeth. I thought of you and your parents this week-end. I would have LOVED to have been at this performance. Of course, musically it was would be way above & beyond. But how sweet an experience to know the two Loves, too! Next time, your mom will have to be a part of the gig!

  2. Plus, as you lose weight & get in shape, your lung capacity increases & your abs get stronger. This leads to a GREAT tone!!

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