Liz’s Guide to Pizza

I love pizza.

No, I’m not sure you understand.  I friggin’ LOVE PIZZA.  Like, I crave it almost every other day.  These aren’t completely insatiable cravings, but they do exist.  I just don’t understand what is better than bread and tomato sauce and cheese and delicious toppings of all shapes and sizes.  It’s brilliant.

So, obviously I’ve cut back on my pizza intake significantly.  In fact, for awhile, I didn’t eat pizza at all.  It was an awful time in my life.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Then, I discovered that Papa John’s makes thin crust pizza.

And then I discovered that I love Papa John’s Thin Crust Pizza.  Holy thin crust, Batman, that’s flat-out good!  (BAM! JOKE!)

The reason I’m writing about this today is that Walter and I ordered it last night and it was DELICIOUS.  However, we ate most of it last night and the rest of it today as leftovers before I could take a photo.  And by that I mean I wanted pizza so badly that I could not be troubled to get out my iPhone and finagle with Instagram.  (Also, I spelled “finagle” correctly on the first try.  BAM!  I also used it incorrectly.  DOUBLE BAM!)

But here’s a photo of the last time we got it:

So. Good.  That time around we got it with grilled chicken, onions, and mushrooms (with jalapeños on one side) and it was wonderful.  Last night, we decided to stick with the veggies: onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and I got green olives on my side. :)  It was magical.  Oh, and did I mention?

It was only 5 points per slice.

It may be even less – we got light cheese and light sauce, thin crust, and a ton of veggies. I know that this may sound like blasphemy to you pizza-lovers out there, but I absolutely love it.  I had 3 pieces, and that was only 15 points (which is still almost half my daily points, but it could be much worse!)  If I had gotten regular crust, a normal amount cheese, and the pepperoni that I wanted, it could have been upwards of 10 points per slice.  Not even kidding.  Depressing.

When that pizza craving hits you, try out thin crust.  I think that’s how the Italians do it. And they are a bunch of food geniuses, let’s be honest.


One thought on “Liz’s Guide to Pizza

  1. I didn’t realize Papa Johns had such good thin crust. I had pizza in Italy twice. I love pizza as much as you described, and Italian pizza was still something very special. It was thin crust, wasn’t overpowered with too much cheese, and the toppings were perfect (once I had Spinach, another sausage and mushroom). Sounds more like what you described than the “normal” pizza we know. I want to make a trip back to Italy now for some of their pizza. Thanks for bringing back my craving, maybe I’ll try Papa Johns.

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