Thank You, Kate Winslet

I know I’ve been a little serious lately, and I apologize for that (but only if you’re not into it – if you are, then NO APOLOGIES) – I promise I will get back to making stupid faces and arguing with inanimate objects very soon.

Last week on FB, my friend Linda posted the video below.  I watched it, and I immediately knew that I wanted to share it on my blog.

The media spends a lot of time telling us what we want, who we should look like, and what is truly “beautiful”.  It reminds me of ANOTHER of my favorite videos that was uploaded to YouTube recently:

I think it’s brilliant, and it helps us all remember that no one is perfect.

I know, for a fact, that I will never be incredibly skinny.  My body was not made to be incredibly skinny, and I would probably look goofy if I tried to get there.  Nothing against incredibly skinny and beautiful people – but that just isn’t me.  And you know what?  I am pretty damn OK with that.  No, I am not totally happy with the way that I look right now, but I know that I’m still beautiful and that I’m doing something to get healthier.  This is empowering and also incredibly important to remember.

Everyone at WW talks about Jennifer Hudson and her huge weight loss, because she is the WW spokesperson.  You can see the difference in this totally creepy but possibly kind of cool (no actually, it’s just creepy) Weight Watchers commercial.  But here’s the part we forget – she was friggin’ gorgeous before she lost the weight.  Yes, she is now healthier and probably feels better about herself, but she was beautiful then, too.  Big can be, and frequently is, beautiful.

The point, here, my friends, is that weight loss and working out and all the work we put into this cannot be solely to look better.  We cannot cater to the media’s image of what is beautiful, because it is unattainable, and frankly, hilarious.  It’s hard to remember this every day, but I sure try.  And in Kate Winslet’s statement about her photoshopped image on the cover of GQ, she says, “I don’t look like that, and I don’t desire to look like that.”

Thanks, Kate.


3 thoughts on “Thank You, Kate Winslet

  1. Liz,

    I love your blog and read it pretty regularly. I especially loved this post. Even though I’m within my healthy weight and work out and eat well consistently, I constantly feel like I should be thinner, more tone, more…everything. I think this really hits on the issue that women face these days. With all of the media and our exposure to it we are taught from such a young age what we “should” be and look like, yet it’s an impossible standard. I constantly have to preach the message to myself “I am healthy and beautiful” because that’s really what it’s about…not being stick thin and perfect, which is impossible. I always like to point what women look like in Renaissance artwork (natural and healthy)…then look at what is portrayed to us in todays media (stick thin and totally fake), what a huge change. Although I think women, and men, are starting to catch on it’s going to take quite awhile to change a way our way of thinking. Whenever I find myself judging myself in the mirror or thinking negative thoughts I have to stop and say, “no, I’m not going down that path”, and change my course of thought. I hope that things are a little easier for us women by the time I have daughters.

    Keep up the good work and the great blog!

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  3. I have a calorie calculator on my nutrition website, thought it would be wise to share it since it might be useful to some of your visitors. Anyway, nice website, keep up the great work.

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