10 for 10 – Volume 2

See ya later, 22.6 pounds.  You suck!

That’s right, friends.  20 pounds lost!  It was not until I looked at these photos that I could really, REALLY see the difference.  I mean, a lot.  Check this out:

And now?

We may have had a little more fun this time around.  I think with losing weight comes some serious attitude.  And by attitude, I mean ridiculousness.

That’s when Amy brought out the weights.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what you call bad form.  Or at least uncomfortable form. Definitely I-look-like-I-have-to-use-the-restroom form.

Look!  I’m showing you the exercises I do with my dumbbells!

Uh…this, too.

I haven’t even gotten to the most fun part, yet.  Nathan and Amy are awesome for so many reasons.  One of those reasons is the fact that they own a trampoline.  And not one of those dinky little things, a big, honkin’ trampoline.  And I just happened to have my tennis shoes with me!  This was a friggin’ workout, and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. (Click on them – they get bigger!)

I got some serious height going.

It was just so, damn fun.

Did I mention that I’m a superhero?  Because I am.  My powers?  EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS.  (Uh, that sounds kind of terrible.)

It was so much fun.  I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate losing weight (at least, that doesn’t involve food.  Or alcohol.)  I can’t wait for the 30-pound photos! (Remember my 30 pounds by Valentine’s Day goal?  I need to keep working!)  I really hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.  :)

Also, huge props to Nathan and Amy – they are brilliant photographers and absolutely lovely people.  Nathan was even feeling under the weather – photos were still totally brilliant.

I did say for every 10 pounds I would make a top 10 list.  This time?

Top Ten Things Liz Loves to Eat
10. Dark Chocolate
9. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars
8. Honeycrisp Apples
7. String Cheese
6. Cottage Cheese
5. Veggie Lasagna
4. Salmon
3. Gummy Vitamins (yep)
2. Broccoli
1. More Dark Chocolate

And lastly, Nathan captured my absolute favorite photo of myself I have ever seen.

Sup, bitch.


9 thoughts on “10 for 10 – Volume 2

  1. You are so inspirational. It’s almost upsetting how much I aspire to be as clever and dedicated as you. You’re making me lose my identity, Liz. (Also, congrats and keep up the good work. You look amazing!)

  2. Omfg that last pic. I swear I’m gonna apologize every time I ask you to do anything. Ready to get my hiney kicked every step of the way. W00t you etc.

  3. Liz you look fabulous! Thank you for your email a couple of weeks ago–I got on the wagon and am down 3lbs! Just about 1lb/week. It is slow going, but feels so good when the scale goes down! I won’t probably notice any body changes for 5 more pounds or so, but I am really excited to see how long I can stick with it and if I can reach my goal (17 more lbs to go!). I love you and love your bog.

  4. You are looking so good!!! I am telling you, I love to read your blogs–inspirational! KEEEEP GOING!
    and I love gummy vitamins too, its ok. :)

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