I did it – I signed up for a 5K run.

And by run, I mean walk/run.  Probably more walk than run.  A wun.  Or a ralk. Yeah. Ralk is way better.

My friend Sarah texted me this weekend: “Want to do a 5K with me and Monica??”  Eight weeks ago, I would have laughed out loud and probably called her terrible names behind her back.  (Just kidding, Sarah – love you!!)  But now, 22 pounds lighter with new running shoes on my feet, I thought about it very carefully.

Then she posted the link on my FB wall.  Click on this.

The Color Run

I was IMMEDIATELY sold.  This looks like so much fun I can’t even stand it.  You have to wear a white t-shirt to the race, and at each kilometer, you get sprayed with totally harmless, extremely colorful DUST.  By the end of it, you’re covered in a million different colors.  Just watch this:


So I’ve been working a little harder, in hopes that I can kind of keep up with the crowd. Last night, I ran for a total of 6 minutes!  Yes, it was interspersed with walking intervals, and yes, I thought I might pass out, but I did it.

If you would like to join us, check out their website and sign up!  We would be the team named “Funky Juice” – and yes, that is a Liz Lemon reference.  :)


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