3-Day Weekend

I fell off the wagon this weekend.

Let me rephrase.

I leapt off the wagon this weekend.

Remember on Saturday when I said something about continuing to make healthy choices? That didn’t exactly happen.

Dinner on Saturday was at Samar, an incredibly amazing and wonderful and magical restaurant in the Arts District in Dallas.  I knew that John Mackey had been somewhere wonderful in Dallas, but I couldn’t remember what it was called.  When I texted him to ask, he immediately referred to this blog post, which you absolutely have to read/ogle the food porn.  It’s beautiful.  Unfortunately, the bartender referred to in the post no longer works there, but they do still have those amazing drinks and INCREDIBLE food.  It’s basically tapas from 3 different regions – Spain, the Mediterranean, and India.  And this is what ensued.  (I apologize for the iPhone photos – they really don’t do it justice.)




And now that you have had a proper foodgasm, check out their menu to see what we didn’t get.  It was pretty spectacular.

Yesterday morning (see: afternoon) was brunch at Cafe Brazil.  I’m not even telling you what I got there.

Dinner last night was at Piranha Killer Sushi and it was INCREDIBLE.  (Just click on that link.  It’s worth it for the sexy music alone.)  Things like this happened–

Yes.  It was just as sexy as the music on their website.

The bottom line – this weekend was amazing and wonderful, and partially because of the food.  HOWEVER – it is time to atone for my sins.  Walter went to grocery store while I was at my blog class tonight and made some food for the week, because he is just that awesome.  I have to work out every day.

No exceptions.



One thought on “3-Day Weekend

  1. No exceptions! You’ll get it back off, Liz…and I’ll be in to see your progress (or as much of it as can be seen legally!) tomorrow when I drop off the keys….

    Stay healthy!


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