Complimentary, My Dear Watson

At lunch today, I randomly ran into my dear friend Logann whom I haven’t seen since way before the break.  Not only was it so lovely to see her (because she’s awesome), but one of the first things out of her mouth was, “Oh my gosh, you look so good!!”

And let me just say this: telling me that I look good will never get old.  I firmly believe, and now more than ever, that we can make the world a better place with heartfelt compliments.  What she said to me made me absolutely beam with pride.  I know looks aren’t everything, but when you know someone is trying for something, you’ve got to let them know that they look good.  This is a reward from losing weight that I don’t talk about much, because it’s most certainly not the biggest reason I’m doing it – it’s just a lovely and wonderful added bonus. :)

I do notice a difference.  My pants fit better.  I can cross my legs a little more.  My rings slip on my fingers a little more easily.  It’s so awesome!

I also picked this bad boy up last night at the gym:

Dude.  20 pounds is HEAVY.  Like, really heavy!  (I mean, Walter’s over there doing bicep curls with one arm and fifty friggin’ pounds, but 20 pounds is still pretty damn heavy.)  It’s amazing how much stress I am relieving from my body as the pounds come off.  Twenty pounds feels incredible – I can’t even imagine 40.  Or 60.  Or my very far-off goal of 75.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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