Smooth Operator

(First of all – for those of you waiting for the 20-pounds-lost photos, I’m waiting until Saturday when I weigh-in to make sure that I’ve kept the weight off. :)  Plus, Nathan is crazy busy being a really good photographer.)

(Also, I’m taking a blogging class through UT’s Informal Classes, so you might see some changes around these parts.  Because of the class, I officially decided to buy  Hooray!  It’s like my blog had a baby!  Er, something.)

Last night, I bought a blender.

My dearest Walter had to have some serious dental work done yesterday.  I mean, 2 root canals, enameloplasties, and temporary crowns.  **shudders**  He was a mess of numbness (yet somehow still pain) when he got home, so I bought him a blender and a bunch of stuff to make smoothies!

The one pictured here: frozen blueberries/raspberries/blackberries, fat free vanilla yogurt, skim milk, and bananas.  I’m not giving you measurements…because I didn’t measure anything.  Who needs a recipe for a smoothie??  (Um, apparently me – I called my mom to ask her to find me one.  “You don’t need a recipe!  You just throw a bunch of things in a blender!”  Thanks, Mom.  Tuna sprout cheerio smoothie, here I come.)

Our smoothie turned out pretty well.  It was a little heavy on the dairy – I would rather have way more fruit, I think.  Anybody have awesome smoothie “recipes”?  Let me know, because I want to use this totally badass blender!

For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@lizmlove), you might have seen the slew of food photos lately.  While I was house sitting in Bastrop, I cooked 5 nights in a row.  FIVE NIGHTS, I TELL YOU.  This absolutely HAS to be a Liz Love record.  I got this new, totally wonderful, kickass Weight Watchers magazine with about 80 recipes that I have never seen before from WW.  The intrigue with this particular set of recipes is that all of them either have only 5 ingredients or take only 15 minutes.  This is most definitely the best thing that’s ever happened to me, cooking-wise.  Because I’m lazy and inept!

Here are a couple from this week:

Whole-Wheat Pita Pizza with Fontina and Onions, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Spaghetti with Zucchini, White Beans, and Feta Cheese

Both of these were delicious, filling, and so healthy!  It has definitely made me more excited about cooking, and, as my friends and family know all too well, that is a feat of strength.


3 thoughts on “Smooth Operator

  1. Liz I’ve got a few lists of smoothies. I can send them to you via email or Facebook message. Also congrats on the progress ur kickin major butt! In joinin the ww club again after baby 2 gets here! Keep up with the blog it’s great to see you doing so well it’s inspiring me.

  2. I do a green smoothie that you will LOVE!
    1/2 cup frozen peaches
    1/2 cup frozen mango
    1 banana
    1-4 cups of fresh spinach (yes – baby spinach)
    A little ice and some water so it smooths up.

    It will be neon green and you’ll feel like the Hulk when you drink it.
    It changed my life. More energy and an added boost in the morning. I read up on how your body basically fasts at night while you sleep and when you do this ultra nutritional smoothie first thing in the morning, it takes advantage of that fast and your body absorbs this nutrient rich goodness first thing and kind of extends your cleanse and detoxes your body.

    Try it and let me know what you think. It isn’t my recipe but I am it’s biggest fan.

  3. Greg and I eat green smoothies every morning kind of like the one above but a little less formulated…. and somehow we never tire of them. This is what I do : buy a bunch of bananas, random assorted frozen fruits, a bag of kale (because it is the least vegetably tasting green AND it is super super packed with nutrients and more protein), apples, pears, carrots,fresh berries (cucumber, celery if you want)

    For two people : toss in 2 bananas, a handful of baby carrots, an apple or pear cut into chunks, 6-8 strawberries, a stalk of celery or cucumber if you want, a few ice cubes and a cup of frozen fruit (mango, strawberry, peach – WHATEVER!) and fill the top with kale. Just trust me on this one. Blend! If you want it a little thinner, a splash of OJ is always a good idea.

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