A Big, (Slightly Less) Fat THANK YOU

My dear friends (both real-life and internet),

Today is a short post.  But it’s important.

When I looked at my stats on WordPress today, I saw this:

11,000 clicks.

You guys have clicked something on my blog over 11,000 times since I started it 8 weeks ago.  This is by no means “unique” views (meaning it logs every time someone clicks on anything), but it’s still so incredibly inspiring for me.  Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for keeping me honest, and providing the most accountability ever for this crazy journey.

You know how I know this is working?  I ran 3/10th’s of a mile yesterday, and I’m about to go out and try it again.  Never did I think I would start running, let alone have fun with it.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.  I feel better, I look better, I live better.



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