Liz Love, Top Chef

I’m aware that this weight-loss blog turns into a food blog every once in awhile, but get over it.  I like food.

I’m housesitting for friends out in Bastrop this weekend, which means that I have a gloriously large kitchen with which to work, and a beautiful porch on which to drink wine. It honestly doesn’t get much better than that.

Last night, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, with a list of ingredients to make Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and some roasted vegetables.  As you may have noticed, I don’t usually cook dinner.  It just seems like so much damn work for not enough payback.  But while I was at home with Mom and Dad, I was inspired.  They cook together almost every single night, and they make such incredibly delicious and healthy food.  (In fact, you saw a very similar meal in this post.)

My dad always tells me that cooking isn’t hard – it’s just reading instructions, and you need a little experience to improve your cooking prowess.  I understand these things.  I am also a little lazy.  However, last night I was on fire.  I left work, drove out to Bastrop, got everything I needed at the grocery store, and immediately started cooking when I got home.  Walter was totally beat from his day at work, so I insisted that he didn’t help me.  I wanted to do it on my own, and I was friggin’ determined!

That was until I realized you have to peel a squash.  Why had I never thought about this before?  Of course you don’t eat the squash skin.  But when have I ever had to peel a squash??  Man.  It was a feat of strength.  Seriously:

Shit got real.

Also, note to self: do not get a manicure and then immediately peel a squash.  That skin is so damn thick!  And it’s an awkward shape!  Why does it have to be so delicious???  My life is so hard.

But I did successfully get the vegetables in the oven, without any major mishaps.  Walter came to the rescue for the chicken – it needed to be flattened into a manageable thickness for cooking, and he’s a man.  Raaawwwrrrr.  There were a few other bumps in the road: I realized at the end of cooking the chicken that I had cooked only 2 chicken breasts, but enough sauce and sun-dried tomatoes for 4.  I burned my finger on the door of the oven (why do I ALWAYS forget that is hot as well??)  My timing was off with vegetables vs. chicken, and the roasted vegetables were done a little too early.  I had to call my parents at least 3 times to ask questions about the whole debacle.  Blah blah blah.

BUT!  At the end of it all, we had an incredibly delicious and healthy meal that I had made! All by myself!  (OK, almost – I had a couple of assists from the awesome Walter.)  My mom is right – it always tastes better when you make it.

LOOK AT THAT!!  I was so excited that I e-mailed the photo to my parents…and then I called them about 2 minutes later to check if they had seen it yet.  I was so proud of myself – it was a little ridiculous.  I mean, people cook meals on their own all the time, all over the world.  But those people are not me.  I had to lay down afterwards.  For awhile.

Hooray healthy cooking!  Hopefully, this is a step towards more consistent culinary adventures.  Tonight – whole-wheat pita pizzas!


4 thoughts on “Liz Love, Top Chef

  1. Looks like a butternut squash…. for the lazy woman’s out (mine!), if you just want yummy squash and don’t need to have it in chunks, you can cut it in 1/2 lengthwise, take out the seeds and goo, and roast (use foil for quick cleanup) cut-side down at about 375 for 40 minutes or until the skin starts to look puffy. You can also turn over the squash to poke it and see if it’s soft. Then just turn the squash over and scrape out the meat, add fresh thyme, some sea salt, maybe a spray of olive oil, and devour!

    Also, to avoid using a peeler for most of it, you can cut the squash into rounds and then slice the skin off. Nailsaver!

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