It’s All In Your Head

Yesterday was a long day.

I got into Austin at about 9pm Wednesday night, went to bed, and went straight to work in the morning.  Let me tell you what – I was not happy to be there.  You send me home for a week and a half to hang out with family, work out, sleep, read, and relax – I am not going to be happy about working again.  I know, I know – I have a job, I got over a week off – I’m lucky.  I’m also moody and whiny.

Naturally, what does my brain do when I am in a bad mood, exhausted, and sitting at a desk?  Food.  All I wanted was food.  I had a decently sized lunch, a snack at about 2:00pm, and I was full.  But whenever I smelled anything even moderately food related, I WANTED IT RIGHT THIS SECOND.  I wanted it so badly that my grammar doesn’t make sense in this paragraph.

So I ate a bowl of Fiber One cereal.  Why that, do you ask?  Because, and here’s the kicker, folks, that’s all I had.  Ladies and gentlemen – if I don’t have it, I won’t eat it.  Things didn’t used to be this way – there are restaurants around campus and vending machines and all sorts of terrible things.  But at least I have curbed that part of my cravings – I won’t pay money for bad food.  That’s a step in the right direction, eh?

And today, I decided to treat myself for the 20 pounds that I’ve lost.  Over lunch, I got a manicure.  Just so everyone knows, this is a genius idea.  It totally broke up my day, and it was unbelievably relaxing.  Plus, my nails are now rock-star, metallic grey:

Lessons learned this week: treat yourself, remove unhealthy foods from your environment, and, of course, metallic grey is the most badass of colors.

(Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – I cooked a meal tonight.  A whole meal.  All by my myself.  What is that.)


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