Bust A Move

Happy 2012, everyone!

In celebration of the new year yesterday, I decided to try one of the 30-minute workouts in my Nike Training Club app that I blogged about before.  In the past, I had only done the 15-minute ab workout, which was fairly difficult, but I made it through.  I decided to do one of the 30-minute “Get Lean” workouts at the Beginner level.

And then I destroyed my body.

I’m sorry, BEGINNER???  How about YOU’RE ACTUALLY PLANNING TO KILL ME LEVEL???  OK, it wasn’t that bad.  But there were a lot of lunges.  And I am really out of shape.  When I went to stand up after the work out, it felt as though my butt might actually fall off.  I was upstairs at the gym, and walking down the flight of stairs to the main level was rough times.  But I came home, did some stretching, and by the time I went to bed I was feeling alright.

And then I woke up this morning.  I think that I laid in bed for about 40 minutes, just dreading the actual act of standing up.  When I did, I immediately wished I had stayed in bed.  My legs. just. hurt. ugh.  I was so very tempted to skip the gym today, but my mom inspired me to go.  I walked about a mile and a half, did the arm part of the weight circuit, and called it a day.  Note to self: Nike Training Club’s Beginner level is hard.  Proceed with caution.

On a more wonderful note, my dear mother helped me buy these to celebrate the new year as well!

Yay new “running” shoes!  Yes, “running” is in “quotes” because I don’t really “run”.  At least, not yet.  My extensive experience with running includes being on a walk, deciding to run for about a minute, and then feeling as though my heart might explode out of my face, as I pass out from lack of oxygen.  However, since losing almost 20 pounds and spending some serious time at the gym, it’s getting a little less daunting.  Walter is a runner, and he has offered many times to help me get started, so I think it might be time.

Plus, these shoes rule.  They are the “Gel-Cumulus” from Asics.  And they are so rightly named – it feels like you’re walking on a cloud.  I broke them in at the gym today, and it was magical.  It’s like there are little cloud people hugging my feet.  And I don’t care how weird that is.


2 thoughts on “Bust A Move

  1. You are kicking ass, lady! I’ve been trying to make myself healthier and a friend of mine showed me this website. It’s actually kinda fun – http://www.fitocracy.com/

    You can track your workouts and see what your friends are up to. It makes me feel like I am being held accountable for my efforts plus it’s a giant support system of people who just want to get out and move our bodies! You are looking great and I know you will continue to meet all of your goals. Let me hear that album when you are done with it. :)

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