Down 1.4 Pounds

Weight loss this week: 1.4 pounds
Current weight: 216.2 pounds
Total weight loss in 2011: 19.6 pounds!

Friends.  It’s the last day of 2011!

You know, I’m not normally nostalgic around the New Year – it’s just another day like any other day of the year.  However, this is been a big year in my life, and we were asked to reflect in our WW meeting this morning.  I give you:

2011: A Year in Review
1. Got a full-time job.  I have health insurance, and a monthly paycheck.  Totally weird, and totally adult.
2. Bought a fancy new camera and learned how to use it.  I never knew that I would be so into photography, but it’s awesome.  I hope to work with it a LOT more in 2012.
3. Started dating a totally wonderful man.  We just hit 5 months, and it’s the best thing ever. Feel free to vomit because we’re so cute.
4. Lost 19.6 pounds!!  I am so close to 20 pounds lighter, and I feel incredibly amazing about it.  I am roughly 92% of the person I was 6 weeks ago.  This blog and all of you reading it have helped more than you will ever know!!

We also talked about goals for the New Year in the WW meeting.  I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions (due to some serious failing in the past), but I think I’m going to try it out. The bottom line with making resolutions (and then keeping them) is to make goals that you absolutely CAN achieve.  For example, it would be a hilariously silly goal for me to say that I am going to stop drinking wine, or buying shoes, or eating chocolate in 2012.  Hahahaha HILARIOUS.  So here’s my (hopefully) achievable list!

Resolutions for 2012 (as a whole):
• Stop looking at my phone while driving.  This is dangerous.  I know that.  I still do it, and let’s be honest – no one is that important!
• Get over my road rage.  I will make it to my destination, whether or not the FRIGGIN’ IDIOT IN FRONT OF ME CAN DRIVE FOR EFF’S SAKE!  Uh, need to work on that one.
• Sing/play more jazz.  I love it with all my heart, and I need to get better at it.
• Build a photography portfolio, and eventually a website.  Liz Love Photography!  Bam!

Specific goals for 2012:
• By Valentine’s Day, I will lose 10 more pounds, for a total of 30 pounds lost!
• I will drop a pant size by Spring Break – from a tight 16 to a comfortable 14.  (I’m not totally sure how long this will actually take, so I’m giving myself a little leeway with this deadline.)
• I will record an album, as short or as low-tech as it might be, by the summer.  (This one is scary.  I can’t believe I actually wrote it down.)

So that’s where I stand.  These are a little rough – I might do some editing down the road. However, I will keep you posted on my progress!  In the meantime, here is the new dress I will be wearing this evening:

And guess what – it’s a large, and not an extra large!  Life’s little pleasures!

I wish everyone the happiest of New Years – have a safe and wonderful evening, and I will see you all in 2012!  So much love!!


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