Home Cookin’

My parents cook some seriously awesome food.

And I would like to know why I did not inherit the I-love-cooking gene.  Seriously – my dad is not only an intuitive cook, but he loves it.  (He’s going to read this and say “Elizabeth, cooking is just reading instructions.  You can do it, too!”  No, Dad.  I can read the word “sauté”, but I have no idea what the hell it means!!)

On Christmas Eve, I sang for the 5:30pm church service (my mom is the organist at our church), and then we all played/sang at the 10:30pm service as well.  In the middle, we (see: my dad) prepared a delicious meal for dinner.

Holy moly this was INCREDIBLE.  My absolute favorite dish that my amazing father makes is Salmon Piccata.  It’s not incredibly hard, but I can never (see: the 2 times I’ve made it) get mine to be the incredibly moist texture that he creates.  Salmon + butter + oil + lemon + white wine + garlic + capers?  Yes, please.

As you can see from the photo, we also had asparagus, salad, and a fruit cup.  Now, when I was a kid, I just thought that everyone ate salad and a fruit cup with their dinner.  I honestly thought that dinner meant entree plus side plus salad and fruit cup.  That was what we had all the time, and we ate the salad last like Europeans.  (We’re so hip.)  The more I think about this habit, the more I think it’s GENIUS.  Mixed greens and fruit are both high volume foods that are nutritious and filling.  It is a perfect way to supplement any meal!

Christmas = conquered.  The way that I’ve treated myself the last few days is through wine (see: champagne at the Christmas Eve meal) and it’s beautifully wonderful.  We’ll see how New Year’s goes! :)


One thought on “Home Cookin’

  1. You’ve made it through the toughest weeks of the year. As my vice principal at LHS used to say at the end of second period announcements, “Congratulations on a job well done.”

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