Down 2.8 Pounds

Alright everyone, I’m going to be completely honest with you, because that’s what I do. This week was seemingly very rough, and I was really, REALLY nervous to step on the scale this morning.

When I stepped on the scale this morning at WW in Lincoln, I was just hoping that I was down a little bit.  0.4 pounds, SOMETHING I DON’T CARE WHAT.  I think I even closed my eyes, like that was going to make me weigh less.  Just close your eyes and the extra pounds can’t see you!!

So at this WW, they don’t let you see the number when you’re weighing in, unlike the place I go to in Austin.  I get up on the scale, and she’s all “OK, got it……..Oh, good job! **giant pause**” and I’m all “WHAT WHAT DID I DO HOW MANY POUNDS DID I LOSE TELL ME SOMETHING YOU WITHHOLDING WOMAN!!” but I had to wait until she handed me my little booklet.  And down 2.8 pounds??  REALLY??  And she was all “Alright, enjoy the meeting.” And I’m all, “I DON’T THINK YOU ARE AWARE OF HOW FRIGGIN’ AWESOME THIS IS, MA’AM.”  There was a lot of yelling.

I think the biggest reason that I didn’t feel great this week was because I haven’t worked out since last Saturday.  It was a busy week getting ready for my gig on Thursday and packing to come home for the holidays.  I didn’t make time (it’s not that I didn’t have the time, there’s a big difference there) to get to the gym, and I felt yucky because of it.  I once read somewhere on the interwebs this lovely tip:

Never skip 2 days of exercise.

If you are getting started on an exercise routine, do not skip 2 days.  I know that this is the case for me – if I skip one day, I’m just letting my muscles heal a bit.  If I skip 2 days, it’s going to be about 10 times harder for me to find the inspiration to head to the gym.  And that’s what happened this week – I skipped day 1: it wasn’t so bad, day 2: eh, I don’t really have the time, day 3: eff this, I’m out.

Even though I lost weight this week, due to tracking every morsel that went into my mouth and making decent choices, I know I need to get back on an exercise schedule this week. I have guest passes to my parents’ gym, and we’re about to head there right now!  For now, here’s a yay-I’m-home-and-it’s-Christmas photo:

Weight lost this week: 2.8 pounds
Current weight: 217.6 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 18.2 pounds

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Down 2.8 Pounds

  1. Awesome job! I’m the same way about working out. Skipping day three turns into thirty pretty easy.

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