You guys.  I am writing this post FROM AN AIRPLANE.  I’m sorry, how cool is that?? Technology still amazes me, even though it’s becoming hard to remember a time without it. I mean, I still couldn’t believe that my parents could call me on their cell phone for FREE from Hawaii.  I sound like my grandmother, but that’s just incredible!  Here are some clouds, of which I took a photo with my iPhone and e-mailed to myself ON THE AIRPLANE:

OK, back to being hip and cool.  You know what I hate?  Food at airports.  I think it might be the hardest place to eat healthy.  Between McDonald’s, pretzels, coffee places, and ice cream, it’s just a friggin’ mess of bad food.  Plus, I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly don’t feel like eating healthy when dealing with the stress/boredom of flying somewhere.  I am either stressed that I forgot something or my plane might be delayed and I’ll miss a connection, or I’m bored out of my gourd during my 3-hour layover.  Either way, I want to eat McDonald’s breakfast.  All day.

So today, I ate Salt Lick breakfast tacos at the Austin airport.  Not exactly a healthy choice, but I avoided cheese and any extra sides.  It ended up being a 19-point breakfast (ugh), but it was delicious.  (I will be using some of those extra weekly points today.)  Lunch was a chicken salsa wrap from Au Bon Pain in the Dallas airport.  Oh, and a GARGANTUAN coffee.  (And I’m still tired.  I think planes make me sleepy.  It’s all the cramped spaces and loud noises…wait, what?)

Not terrible, but not great either.  I’ll be going to Whole Foods with my parents when I get to Omaha – salad bar here I come!

And that concludes my post FROM AN AIRPLANE.  People.  This is still blowing my mind. Holy POST FROM AN AIRPLANE, Batman, we’re flying!!  (Eh, what is that, a joke?  Groan.)


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