There’s No Place Like Home

If you are currently clicking the heels of your ruby slippers and/or humming “There Is No Place Like Nebraska”, you are my best friend.

So when I started this weight loss journey the week before Thanksgiving, I got some seriously negative responses.  “What??  You’re insane to start right before the holidays!  Just wait until AFTER the New Year!”  Oh yeah, friends, because obesity can wait.  No big deal, I’ll just wallow in self-pity a little more.  (I’m kidding – I love these people.  But seriously.  Shut up.)

Thanksgiving was easy (see here), and I lost 7.8 pounds over that crazy holiday.  Christmas/New Year’s will be almost as easy because I will be at home in Nebraska!  I know that for some people, going home means adding about 5 extra pounds simply because it’s all about family and friends and FOOD.  But for me, home actually means extra healthy eating because my incredibly wonderful mother is also on Weight Watchers! She is such a HUGE inspiration for me, and I really miss going to WW meetings with her.

I can’t wait to go home for a number of reasons: Mom and Dad, more family, healthy and DELICIOUS cooking, friends, snow (YAY!), and some incredibly long-awaited time off from work.  Home does present it’s own slew of temptations (my Nebraska people know – Amigo’s and Runza are incredible/the devil), but with my mom by my side and guest passes to the gym, I think I’ll do fine.

And with that, I’m off to a gig tonight at La Sombra!  Singing and playing with a dear friend, then off to Nebraska in the morning.  Hooray!


3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Hope we get to see you, my second daughter! I will happily share a 3 point glass of wine with you, rather than any of the evil, point-laden foods. :-)

    • Bless you, Mary. Happy holidays to you and yours,
      and isn’t it wonderful to have daughters home!!!!!!!!!!

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