Constant Cravings

Good grief.

These last few days have been ridiculous.  I weighed in on Saturday, was down 5 pounds, did a little happy dance, and then immediately started craving everything in the world that is bad for me.  And it hasn’t stopped!

Whataburger breakfast food, Trudy’s stuffed avocado, peppermint ice cream, Starbucks coffee cake, SUN CHIPS, chocolate – you name it.  It’s like all of a sudden my body decided that I’ve been depriving it from EVERYTHING IT WANTS.

I know there are reasons for this – stress of finishing up work before the holidays, the abundance of holiday food at work, being around people eating crazy delicious food, and, my personal favorite – I’m PMSing.  (Get over it, folks.  It’s uncensored.)  But seriously – the past few days there have been these moments where it just seems like this whole weight loss thing is just NOT WORTH IT.  I want that shit, and I want it now.

Example: my coworkers and their cooking.  This is quickly turning into my least favorite sentence: “I brought cookies!”  Of course, I love the sense of community that the holidays bring out in people.  But stop giving me cookies.  Or plaguing the kitchen with them:

Yes, I am aware that those candy cane cookies look like shrimp.  That actually helped.

And it’s still happening today!  But I have not had a single cookie, and I don’t intend to.  I got a delicious salad at lunch yesterday, and a veggie quiche at lunch today.  Speaking of lunch today, I went with dear friends of mine, and one of them had little gifts for everyone. She just happens to be a Weight Watcher who recently got to goal and is so ridiculously inspirational!  It was obvious that she was passing out sweets, but when she got to me…

Totally cracked me up!  She’s amazing and wonderful.  I did end up getting the sweets – but they were very small and totally worth the treat.  It was so nice having lunch with someone who I could talk points with.  And friends who make me laugh. :)  That will take your mind off cravings any day!


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