I’m in a funk today, friends.

Yes, I know it’s Friday and the weekend is tomorrow and it’s almost Christmas and yay blah blah, but today was just a weird day.  Work stuff + headache = funky Liz.  And not the good kind of funky.

And now that I’ve aired my grievances, let’s talk about food!  So, I love sandwiches. Revolutionary, right?  People love sandwiches, so I thought I would talk about how I do sandwiches on Weight Watchers.  Because we all know bread is the DEVIL.  (Seriously – bread, why must you tempt me so?)

A typical Liz sandwich:

Sandwich thin — 2 points
Sliced turkey — 1 point
String cheese — 1 point
Spinach — 0 points
Hummus — 2 points  or  Mustard — 0 points

A totally cheap sandwich!  (Cheap points-wise, that is.  I think of my points as a budget. It’s helpful.)  And this little ditty is pretty delicious – it’s no Jimmy John’s Beach Club, but it’s good!  I string my string cheese and drape it across the sandwich.  I know this sounds a little weird, but I love it.  You can also get fat free slices of cheese that are only 1 point and actually taste fairly good.

If I have one of these skinny sandwiches for lunch, plus an apple, some carrots with hummus, maybe some almonds, grapes, and a piece of dark chocolate, it is seriously satisfying and quite healthy!

That’s my Friday wisdom for you.  I hope everyone has a glorious weekend!  And here’s to me getting out of this funk…


2 thoughts on “Sandwiches

  1. This is a favorite sandwich of mine as well. Sounds like you continue to flourish. Good for you. Go away Funk and leave Lizziebeth alone.

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