Red Wine and Omelets and Tango…Oh My!

(I am just soooo good at titling these things, aren’t I?)

I survived my party weekend!  And with only minimal injuries, I think.  I was up a pound, but that happens.  I didn’t completely destroy my weekly points in one sitting.  I had a lot of fun with my dear friends doing wonderful things.  All in all – a success.

My Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning was more interesting than usual – they tweaked the PointsPlus plan a bit for 2012.  (Mostly I think it was a chance to make all their materials prettier, but don’t tell anyone. :))  My favorite thing about this new plan?  Red wine went down a point!  You would not believe the joy in the room when that was announced.  It was friggin’ Christmas up in there.

When I arrived home after my workout and WW meeting, Walter had this beautiful meal waiting for me:

It was DELICIOUS, and very low in points!  One egg, 3 egg whites, spinach, salt & pepper – and you can add other veggies, a little WW shredded cheese, and/or some salsa if you’d like.  It’s healthy and incredibly satisfying.  Plus some 1 point per slice bread and raspberry jam?  Sounds good to me.

Sunday was also an amazing day – it was Austin’s first “Day of Tango”.  It was even more amazing and tango-y than I could have ever imagined.  History lessons, poetry readings, beautifully incredible live music, and some absolutely spectacular dancing.  Oh, and did I mention the shoes?

Seriously.  Who wouldn’t want those shoes?  And they only get more sparkly and more wonderful from there.  Also, Walter and I participated in the group lesson, and we might have found a new love.  It’s incredibly fun, makes your brain work – and it’s exercise!  And I’m always looking for new ways to exercise that don’t make me want to gouge my eyes out, right??


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