Party Time!

I have now reached an age where my friends have actual holiday parties.

I know, that sounds weird.  But now that I’m an “adult” with a “job” and “responsibilities” (hah), my first day off is December 23rd.  I get more time off than most because I work at the university, and for that I am very grateful.  But this also means that it is PARTY TIME with all the other “adults” who have “jobs” and are my “friends”.  (Wait.  Friends probably shouldn’t be in quotes.)

So this weekend goes as follows:
Friday: Ugly Sweater Christmas Party with musician friends
Saturday: Christmas Party with friends from work
Sunday: Austin’s first Day of Tango, in which some dear friends will be performing!

There will be food/alcohol involved with at least 2 of those things, and I’m getting a little worried.  Party situations are ALWAYS my downfall (as made incredibly evident by my post about last weekend), so I’ve made a list of things I need to do/remember as we dive into the party season.

1. WATER.  I need to drink lots and lots of water.  This will fill me up, prevent any dehydration that may result from the weekend’s festivities, and it’s just friggin’ good for you.  I also drink a big glass of water right before any meal that I know will tempt me, so I don’t feel starved going into it.

2. I must bring my own food.  On Friday, I have agreed to bring fruits and vegetable-y things.  I know that I need incredibly healthy choices in the spread, or I will completely fall off the wagon.

3. Every day is a new day.  If I screw up at a party this weekend, it’s not the end of the world.  It’s not the end of Weight Watchers, or this blog, or all the work I’ve done.  It’s just a screw up.  And I will not freak out about it.  (OK.  I might freak out a little bit, but you guys won’t see that, so it doesn’t matter.)

4. I need to treat myself.  If there is dark chocolate involved and I do not eat it, I will obsess about it all evening and forget to have fun.  Seriously.  Dark chocolate has some sort of magical power over me.  And I embrace it.

Those are my thoughts.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  And on an unrelated note, a photo of the intense fog this morning in Austin (it was AWESOME):


6 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Parties are SO my downfall too, Liz! Good luck and HAVE FUN! I hear laughing and dancing are excellent party accessories and provide so many more memories than the snacks. Yep, take that, food!! ;)

  2. If you can “pregame” (no not with drinks haha!) but if you eat a small meal before you go then you won’t be as preoccupied with the food, you will be full and can focus on hanging out with people, not food!

  3. Friends are what the parties are about. Have a napkin in one hand, a glass of water in the other and don’t stand near the table. On a related note we are headed next door for an FAC with Max and parents in an hour. Tomorrow another neighbor invited us for a “cookie exchange”, then comes Episcopals. Sunday the Nebraska Brass and their reception are at HT. Monday is a girl’s night out. I bought extra bananas. Maybe that will help.

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