I may have eaten almost all of my weekly points allowance in one sitting on Saturday.


A brief word about Weight Watchers for those of you who don’t know: food = points.  I get 36 points a day.  (This will decrease as I lose weight.)  I also get 49 weekly points, to use at my own discretion.  I try not to use them at all, in hopes that I will lose more weight.  But sometimes that just doesn’t work out.

Saturday was a stressful day.  I helped with a catered house concert for REVEL, the chamber music group for whom I work.  The event went beautifully, but I prepped Pozole soup, quesadillas, other hors d’oeuvres, and those friggin delicious Pillsbury ready-to-bake cookies with little Christmas trees in the middle for 35 people.  Stressed and freaking out that everyone wouldn’t get fed, I ate.  And ate.  And ate and ate.  Then, we went to my dear friend Maggie’s graduation party, and both Maggie and her mother are brilliant cooks.  And I ate there.

So, as punishment, I am going to list everything that I ate that night, and the (approximate) point values associated with said food.  Ugh.

3 glasses (at least)

12 points

A lot…
14 points

Carrots/bell peppers/grapes
Not nearly enough
0 points hoooorraaayyyyy!!!

Pillsbury cookies
8 cookies (at least)
12 points

Cream cheese apple dip
Just a little!

1 point

Peanut butter ball
1 small (I PROMISE it was small)
2 points

Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps
Only 1 cup, amazingly
7 points

Cookie dough cheesecake bars with cookie dough crust (I’M NOT KIDDING THEY WERE SO GOOD)
ONLY 2 bars!!
8 points

TOTAL DAMAGE: 56 points

Well, shit.  I had to get out my calculator for that one.

I had 26 points left for the day, so I ended up using 30 of my weekly points allowance.  And that’s that.  I look at that list of food, and I’m actually amazed that I didn’t eat more.  Pre-WW Liz would have been ALL over those cheesecake bars, but WW-Blog Liz kept it to 2.

Yesterday was a new day.  I went to the gym, walked 2 miles, did the weight circuit, and an ab workout on Nike Training Club.  I brought my lunch to work today, and I’m headed to the gym once again after work.

I’ll leave you with this photo.  As I said, the event went beautifully.  And the house was gorgeous.  Who wouldn’t be able to say no to this?


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