Down 3.6 Pounds

This week was not as easy as last week, and I was absolutely terrified when I went to Weight Watchers this morning.  Last week, I was only at work 3 days, so I had Thanksgiving weekend to be at home, eat my food, go on walks, and kick total ass.  This week: work was rough, I cooked delicious smelling food for an event seating 30 people, and didn’t go to the gym but one time.

But I realized that I spent most of the week focusing on things I didn’t do.  I didn’t work out.  I didn’t make my lunch every day.  I didn’t stay completely within in my daily points. Good grief, Negative Nancy.  You’re annoying.

I did, however, track everything I ate.  I was on my feet a lot, getting ready for events this weekend.  I made fairly good decisions when I did go out to eat – like skipping the chips and salsa.  (TexMex, you will be the death of me.)

AND I LOST 3.6 POUNDS!  YAAYYY!! :) So here are the stats:

Start weight: 235.8
Week 1: 228 (-7.8)
Week 2: 224.4 (-3.6)
TOTAL lost: 11.4 pounds

I said that I was going to put up a photo every week – but this week’s photos will be special.  I have decided that every time I lose 10 pounds, I’m going to ask my dear friend Nathan Russell, of the brilliantly beautiful Nathan Russell Photography, to photograph me. He has graciously agreed, and I can’t wait.  Warning: we might get a little silly.


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