When I used to have a great week at the scale, I would do some serious celebrating. Usually, that meant I consumed a day’s points in one meal.  Seems just slightly counterintuitive, does it not?  However, my celebration this week – a trip to Trudy’s for delicious fajitas, writing everything down that I ate, and only going a few points over my daily allowance.  It felt WAY better than that entire cheesecake.  (Disclaimer: I never ate an entire cheesecake in one sitting.  But I totally wanted to.)

So we went to Trudy’s, which was a slightly scary decision in the moment.  However, I ordered the portobello mushroom fajitas, which are seasoned to absolute perfection, and I didn’t eat the cheese, sour cream, or the rice that comes with it.  I know – this might sound AWFUL to you.  But I put salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole on my deliciously seasoned vegetables, all on top of my whole wheat tortillas.  It was so scrumptious, and I did not feel at all deprived.

So treat yourself.  But don’t eat an entire cheesecake.  That’s bad.


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